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Aerospace news from STMicroelectronics – 25 May 2016

Reduce the weight and cost of wires using high-speed serial comms in satellite sub-systems ST is expanding its rad-hard LVDS offer with the RHFLVDS217, an LVDS serializer, and the RHFLVDS218, an LVDS de-serializer, allowing a 1.575 Gbit/s data rate and a widened common-mode range spanning from –4 to +5 V with a 4.8 V supply…

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MEMS and Sensors news from STMicroelectronics – 06 May 2016

Burning hot or freezing cold, this sensor still detects the slightest motion Discover our solution for industrial motion sensor applications requiring an extended temperature range and long lifespan. The STEVAL-MKI170V1 adapter board showcases our high-performance IIS328DQ 3-axis accelerometer that features ultra-low-power operational modes for advanced power-saving and smart sleep-to-wakeup functions. With dynamic, user-selectable full-scales of…

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