Aerospace news from STMicroelectronics – 23 November 2017

Recently QML-V qualified products

Rad-hard differential amplifier simplifies data acquisition chain design

The RHF200 rad-hard differential amplifier features wide bandwidth (420 MHz), high input impedance and wide common range to perfectly fit a data acquisition chain from CCD and many other sensors in satellites in single-ended or differential mode. Proven to 300 krad (Si) in Total Ionization Dose (TID), Single Event Latch-up (SEL) and upset-free, it has outstanding behavior in Single Event Transient (SET) and comes in a Flat-16 hermetic package. The RHF200 is QLM-V qualified.


Rad-hard DAC for high-resolution satellite instrumentation, position tracking and telemetry

The RHRDAC1612 is a very low-noise, radiation-hardened DAC optimized to operate in a bandwidth up to 3 kHz. With its high-resolution Sigma-Delta architecture, the RHRDAC1612 provides very low noise – 96 dB SNR – and superior linearity with 16-bit Equivalent-Number-Of-Bit (ENOB) while featuring a very attractive power consumption – less than 20 mW at 12 KSPS. The RHRDAC1612 is QML-V qualified in a hermetic Flat-24 package


Featured products

Rad-hard LVDS series

ST’s 300 krad(Si) low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) series includes 10 enhanced industry standard products covering all LVDS requirements in satellites: drivers, receivers, transceivers, and crosspoint switches as well as serializers and deserializers. All are QML-V qualified.


Rad-hard AC series

With 62 products in Flat, Dual in-line and die form, ST’s 300 krad(Si) series of AC logic ICs is the widest of the QML-V qualified series. Its long-term support is guaranteed, especially with a 6” wafer fab where ST is currently investing for the transfer of all its rad-hard logic series. To upgrade the series to the newest requirements of the space industry, ST will qualify in 2H2018 a flat version with grounded lid for all products.


16-bit bus interfaces

ST offers a series of five 3V 16-bit bus interfaces as well as two 16-bit level shifters, all pin-to-pin compatible with the industry standard, featuring “cold spare” for use with redundant configurations and superior radiation hardness, all housed in a hermetic Flat-48 package.


Voltage references

ST’s 300 krad high-precision QML-V voltage references have an industry-standard pinout with a best-in-class consumption capability and a very low post-radition drift. The series includes an adjustable 2.5 to 5.0 volt version and a fixed 1.2 volt version.


Boost efficiency in power supply and electric propulsion converters

Thanks to their higher efficiency, ST’s new Schottky diodes are the best choice for space power converter designs. ST’s STPS80200C – 200V/80A – and STPS60A150C – 150V/60A – common-cathode power Schottky diodes are Single Event Effect (SEE) and Total Ionization Dose (TID) tested and have a maximum forward voltage drop 20% to 30% lower than currently available alternatives. Engineering models (EM) are available now and several other new space Schottky diodes will be announced in the coming months.