Aerospace news from STMicroelectronics – 25 May 2016

Reduce the weight and cost of wires using high-speed serial comms in satellite sub-systems

ST is expanding its rad-hard LVDS offer with the RHFLVDS217, an LVDS serializer, and the RHFLVDS218, an LVDS de-serializer, allowing a 1.575 Gbit/s data rate and a widened common-mode range spanning from –4 to +5 V with a 4.8 V supply for inter- and intra-board serial communication in satellites. ELDRS-free and immune to single-event latch-up (SEL), both devices feature best-in-class radiation immunity with 300 krad (Si). Engineering models are available in a hermetic ceramic Flat-48 package with industry standard pin-out and we target QML-V qualification soon.


Improve performance of satellite signal chains with our very low-noise DAC

In satellite signal chain applications, three things are paramount: performance, consumption and radiation immunity. The RHRDAC1612, a high-resolution radiation-hardened DAC, addresses all three featuring superior linearity and a signal-to-noise ratio of 96 dB @ 3 kHz while consuming only 20 mW (at 12 kHz). All this while withstanding a total irradiating dose (TID) of 100 krad (MIL-STD-883 1019.7) and single-event latch-up (SEL) immunity up to 120 MeV.cm²/mg. Engineering models are available in a flat 24-pin hermetic ceramic package and we target QML-V qualification soon.


New single and quad rail-to-rail op amps with improved radiation immunity

When it comes to handling narrowband signals – like the output from a temperature or position sensor in satellite telemetry applications – or buffering a DC reference, you need a precision, low-power op amp that can be used in multiples, simplifying both component selection and procurement. The new RHR61 (single) and RHR64 (quad) rad-hard CMOS op amps fit the job with a radiation immunity up to 100 krad TID, and SEL immunity up to 120 MeV.cm²/mg. Both are available as engineering models and we target QML-V qualification soon.


Widest selection of hermetic packages for our power bipolar transistors

Industry-standard 2N5153 and 2N5154 complementary power bipolar transistors (80 V / 5 A, respectively PNP and NPN) are popular in many satellite designs. We are proud to offer the widest choice of hermetic package options with TO39, SMD.5 and TO-257 versions. Offered both in an immune to a 100 krad Low Dose Rate (LDR) version and non-radiation immune version, they are all included in the European Preferred Part List (EPPL) of the European Space Components Coordination (ESCC).