Automotive news from STMicroelectronics – 14 December 2017

Raise ruggedness, stability and efficiency with new 36 V op amps

The TSB572 and TSB611 high-voltage op amps feature a wide supply-voltage range, stability in challenging operating conditions, and ESD up to 4 kV (HBM) to help ensure peace of mind for designers. Developers can also use our eDesignSuite, an easy-to-use comprehensive smart simulator and system design engine, to reduce development time and efforts.


ST’s automotive-grade regulator eval boards help keep kids happy in cars

Designed for 3.3 V fixed outputs, the STEVAL-ISA185V1 evaluation board is based on our A6985F3V3 synchronous step-down switching regulator. With a 100% duty cycle able to withstand cold crank events and wide input operating voltage range, the A6985F3V3 can deliver up to 0.5 A and includes a low-noise mode that improves the performance of infotainment applications. A 5 V fixed output solution is also available (STEVAL-ISA189V1).


Improve system flexibility with new compact, fully integrated drivers for DC motors

The latest generation of state-of-the-art H-Bridges in VIPower™ M0-7 technology represents a comprehensive, fully integrated and protected solution for low- and medium-power DC motor applications. Offering MultiSense diagnostics, tiny power packages and ultra-low power consumption, these AEC-Q100 qualified drivers enhance system simplicity and flexibility.


Boost OBC efficiency with new soft reverse and low forward voltage ultrafast diodes

ST now offers new 600V ‘RQ’ diodes – AEC-Q101 qualified – developed for on-board battery chargers and DC/DC converters. These feature a specific VRRM guaranteed from -40°C to +175°C, a low VF ,– to gain in OBCs efficiency – and a unique trade-off between a soft reverse recovery – to reduce EMI. With 15A and 30A forward current ratings as a start, ST’s STTH15RQ06-Y and STTH30RQ06-Y are available in surface-mount (D²PAK) as well as through-hole (TO-220AC and DO-247) packages.


New AEC-Q101-qualified ESD protection in SOT-23 package

The ESDA6V1-5SC6Y 5-line transient voltage suppressor (TVS) protects general-purpose input/outputs in automotive applications such as infotainment. Housed in an SOT23-6L package to be compatible with automatic visual inspection, it embeds 5 unidirectional ESD protection devices and can also be connected to provide a 4-bidirectional protection. Compliant with ISO 10605 and IEC 61000-4-2 up to 30 kV, it can clamp surges higher than 6.1 V.


Featured resource

How to get the most from our new automotive-qualified drivers for DC motors

This application note (AN5026) shows how the state-of-the-art drives, diagnostics and protection features of the new VIPower™ M0-7 H-bridge family can directly benefit your Automotive DC motor control applications. AN5026 includes schematics as well as detailed descriptions and design recommendations. Download now


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