Automotive and Transportation news from ST – 14 December 2016

New VIPower® Zero high-side switches for extra precision, diagnostics and protection

ST introduces a new family of high-side switches with very low on-resistance and extended current sensing, a perfect combination to drive and protect high-power loads. VIPower Zero devices can effectively replace electro-mechanical relays in automotive applications such as high-current fan motors, heaters and protected battery lines in electrical power distribution systems. The family offers programmable protection features and includes devices able to operate at very low voltage and resist to cold cranking conditions.


New VIPower Zero high-side driver with advanced protection features for 12V automotive loads

The VN7003ALH is a 3.5 mΩ single-channel high-side driver built on VIPower M0-7 technology. It features extended current sensing and programmable protection features such as Latch-off under overload and Auto-restart. The VN7003ALH supports cold cranking operation down to 3V and is compliant with LV124 standards. Housed in a tiny Octapak package, it is designed to drive high current loads in the harsh automotive environment.


Explore power devices for automotive with new smart finder mobile app

VIPower-FINDER is a new mobile app for Android™ and iOS™ that lets you explore ST’s VIPower product portfolio on your smartphone or tablet. You can easily define the device characteristics that best fit your application using the smart or parametric search engine. Using the new app, you can also download and read all the datasheets off-line, access the main product specifications, save your favorite documents and share them via social media or e-mail.


New STripFET F7 MOSFETs with excellent figure of merit and high avalanche ruggedness

ST extends its low-voltage series of trench-based STripFET F7 MOSFETs with two new AEC-Q101-qualified 40 V devices in the 0.88 mm profile PowerFLAT (5 x 6 mm) package with wettable flanks. The new 2.10 mΩ (typ.) STL140N4F7AG and 1.68 mΩ (typ.) STL190N4F7AG combine low body-diode reverse-recovery charge (Qrr) and reverse-recovery time (trr) for superior switching performance and increased energy efficiency in motor drive applications such as electric power steering (EPS). The optimized device capacitances and body diode softness also increase noise immunity.


Suppress EMI noise with new integrated protected low-pass filter for BroadR Reach™ interfaces

The EMIF02-02OABRY is an AEC-Q101-qualified dual-line EMI filter with integrated high-speed ESD protection optimized for BCM89810 transceivers. Built using IPAD™ technology, it provides high integration of monolithic combined functions into tiny wettable flank QFN packages. With support for Automated Optical Inspection, this highly-integrated solution offers a return loss of -20 dB up to 60 MHz, 1% component matching, and 15 kV robustness over a wide temperature range.


Thanks for making our VIPower webinar a success!

If you missed our How to improve your design with Intelligent Power Switches in 12V/24V Systems webinar, or want to listen again, it’s now online. Discover how ST’s integrated smart power solutions can help you to reduce cost, improve reliability and optimize board space.


Drive Safer With ADAS

Someday soon, self-driving cars will be a reality everywhere. But even before then, Smart Driving technology will have made them safer, greener and more connected. An important waypoint in that effort – Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – is already a standard feature in many high-end vehicles and is rapidly filtering down into entry-level vehicles.


Helping You Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Helping You Keep Your Eyes on the Road looks at the trend of car manufacturers transitioning towards autonomous cars.


ST’s successful Accordo line of digital-infotainment chips has a new member

Drivers will appreciate ST’s new Accordo 5 family of digital-infotainment SoCs. In addition to smartphone mirroring that gives access safely to smartphone content through the vehicle’s own user interface, the Accordo 5’s powerful graphical capabilities replace conventional dials and indicator lamps with complex and elegant displays that provide a much more flexible, detailed and precise display of information for the driver, making driving safer and more comfortable.