Dual-core RF STM32 SoC, complimentary pro IDE, all-in-1 STM32 programmer and more – 22 February 2018

Feature-rich TrueSTUDIO for STM32 IDE available for free

Acquired by ST in December 2017, Atollic TrueStudio IDE can now be downloaded by all STM32 users free of charge. Designed for use with the STM32 development ecosystem, this full-featured version includes a build/memory analyzer, stack analyzer, trace & profiling, and RTOS-aware debug with support for ST-Link and J-Link debug probes. No license needed!


Dual-core ultra-low-power STM32 with BLE 5.0 & IEEE 802.15.4 and large memory

Combining the higher-performing Cortex-M4 with a Cortex-M0+ for radio processing in a single die, the new STM32WB leverages ST’s ultra-low-power MCU technologies to deliver superior performance with longer battery life. The SoC also includes essential circuitry for the antenna (balun) as well as generous memory, hardware encryption, and customer-key storage for brand and IP protection. Compatibility with STM32 ecosystem eases the development phase for a faster time to market. Samples available.


Come and discover the STM32WB demo at Embedded World 2018. But don’t worry if you can’t make it, subscribers to this newsletter will receive a special edition with links to the videos.


All-in-one tool makes STM32 programming more user-friendly

Our new multi-platform STM32CubeProgrammer can program the STM32 microcontroller’s on-chip Flash/RAM or external memories. Users can also generate encrypted files for secure programming (Secure Firmware Install/Update) to authenticate production and protect intellectual property. It can be used either in standalone mode with its intuitive GUI, or controlled from a custom application with automated scripts.


Matrikon introduces an OPC UA SDK for STM32

Designed for the secure, standardized exchange of data and information between devices, machines and services, ST partner Matrikon introduced Matrikon FLEX OPC UA SDK, a single and scalable toolkit for the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA). This SDK, based on an STM32F7 Discovery kit, enables customers to implement an OPC UA server or client on STM32.


Hey, Developers! It’s time to get your own STM32L4 Discovery kit!

With its 1.2” AMOLED round display, MIPI® DSI interface, and capacitive touch panel, the STM32L4R9I-DISCO kit is a complete solution that enables users to easily prototype applications with state-of-the-art energy efficiency, as well as stunning audio and graphics. Don’t miss our promotion on Amazon: 100 kits will be available with a -40% discount. Valid for purchase in the European Union (EU) only.


Featured video

Getting started with our new STM32L4+ Discovery Kit

Check out how to get started with our STM32L4R9I Discovery Kit which gives you access to a 1.2” 390×390 pixel LCD with capacitive touch screen! This video goes through the board itself and the various software solutions that are available for you to prototype your graphics applications.