Full list of developer resources for ST’s new ultra-low-power STM32L4+ MCUs – 20 December 2017

STM32L4+ gives you the best of ultra-low power with more performance, memory and graphics

Stretching performance to 150 DMIPS (233 ULPMark-CP) at 120 MHz, our record-breaking STM32L4+ ultra-low power microcontrollers offer a unique power-to-performance ratio as well as richer graphics and more memory (up to 2 Mbytes of Flash memory and 640 Kbytes of SRAM).


Designed for wearables and smart things

In addition to offering the best-in-class power consumption for both static and active modes, this new generation of ultra-low-power devices includes enhanced graphics features such as a new Chrom-GRC™ engine and a MIPI-DSI controller for displays; making it a perfect solution as the central controller in a full range of fitness bands, smart watches, small medical equipment, smart meters, smart industrial sensors and more.


Development boards for quick application prototyping


STM32Cube embedded software reduces development effort, time and cost


Learn more about our products and how to use them

  • ST offers a full range of online training courses for STM32L4+ microcontrollers
  • Learn how to create high-end UIs using STM32L4+ microcontrollers [Webinar]


Additional resources

  • This 4-minute product overview highlights how the STM32L4+ ultra-low-power series provides more performance as well as more memory and richer graphics
  • Watch this 4-minute getting started video and quickly discover how easy it is to use STM32L4+ microcontrollers
  • This sportswatch demo shows how you can create stunning graphics in everyday electronic devices for maximum UI performance using TouchGFX and STM32L4+
  • Smartwatches and Wearables at a Record 120 MHz with STM32L4+ [Blog post]