Industrial inclinometer, 6-axis inertial module, 3D digital magnetic sensor, MEMS adapter board with STM32, and more – 31 May 2018


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First 10-year longevity accelerometer with high inclination accuracy

This 3D ultra-low-noise sensor offers 10-year longevity commitment for high-precision inclinometers in industrial antenna pointing/stabilization and leveling applications.



iNEMO® 6-axis inertial module with superior stability and robustness for Industry 4.0

High-accuracy, ultra-low-power SiP for long-lasting battery-operated appli-cations. Includes a configurable signal processing path for control loop stability.


3-axis, ultra-low-power digital output magnetometer for industrial applications

High-accuracy, 3D digital magnetic sensor with a dynamic range up to ±50 gauss. Able to generate an interrupt upon magnetic field detection.


Ultra-compact, 64 dB SNR, MEMS omnidirectional digital microphone

Low-power, top-port audio sensor with low distortion and a dedicated circuit for an external PDM output. EMI-shielded and SMD-compliant.



ST MEMS adapters motherboard with STM32 and USB for debugging and evaluation

Ready-to-use platform with ecosystem for debugging and evaluating ST MEMS adapter boards. Adjustable power supply and USB 2.0 FS compliant.



Discover our flexible, eco-friendly products and solutions for Industry 4.0

See how ST’s advanced technologies can make your industrial infrastructure more connected, intelligent and aware.



Get started with Unicleo GUI for motion and environmental sensors for STM32

In under 10 minutes, discover ST’s MEMS and sensor ecosystem and quickly collect and manage temperature, humidity, pressure and motion data.



From preventive to predictive maintenance to keep factories running with minimal downtime

See how predictive maintenance based on condition monitoring combined with a dynamic predictive model for failure modes ensures optimal factory efficiency.


IoT World Cup winners provide inspiration with products

Find out more on how the 32 finalist projects provided innovative approaches for solving unique problems faced by companies and their engineers.


Machine learning inside an inertial sensor for unbelievable efficiency

ST’s Marco Castellano tells us how machine learning will disrupt sensors and IoT by moving part of the intelligence into the sensor and reducing application processor tasks.



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