Intelligent power modules, STM32 crytolib, LED drivers, SIGFOX-ready sub-GHz RF kits and more – 08 February 2017

More efficient, flexible and compact designs with new 500 V MOSFET-based SLLIMM-nano modules

ST has extended its offering of intelligent power modules with the introduction of the MOSFET-based SLLIMM-nano devices (500 V breakdown voltage). The low MOSFET on-resistance (3.6 Ω and 1.7 Ω, in 2 A and 1 A variants respectively) combined with low switching losses ensure high overall energy efficiency and reduced cost. They target applications up to 100 W such as compressors, pumps, fans and other low power motor drives working up to 20 kHz in hard-switching circuitries. Read more


STM32 crypto firmware library is now FIPS certified and ready for use

The STM32 cryptographic library package (X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB) is now FIPS certified according to the US Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP). Ready for use in STM32-based applications including IoT, POS, or smart meters, the library includes all the major algorithms for encryption, hashing, message authentication, and digital signing to help customers prove the security of their new products quickly and cost-effectively. Read more


Ultra-slim form factor solution for LED drivers in commercial and residential applications

The STEVAL-ILL076V2 evaluation board provides a stable, efficient offline power converter based on a single stage high-PF flyback topology using the HVLED001A controller. The output voltage is controlled by the primary side, thus reducing the need for costly opto-couplers. A power factor in excess of 0.9, a total harmonic distortion below 10% and power conversion efficiency above 90% ensures compliance with the most stringent lighting standards in an efficient, compact, and cost-effective solution. Read more


SIGFOX-ready sub-1GHz RF kits accelerate sensor-to-cloud IoT applications

Our new IoT development kit (STEVAL-FKI868V1) based on the ultra-low-power sub-1GHz S2-LP radio IC is now available. The kit comes with a full-featured SDK and supports SIGFOX connectivity out-of-the-box. The bundle includes an STM32 Nucleo board to start prototyping Sensor-To-Cloud solutions with no need for a local gateway or access point. Additional bundled versions will be soon available to cover various frequency bands in compliance with SIGFOX End Product Certification. Read more


New kit for evaluating ESD protection and filtering solutions for USB Type-C connectors

Our STEVAL-OET004V1 kit includes 4 different PCBs for various package types and lets developers evaluate USB Type-C protection and filtering solutions. With protection for data, control and power lines, the boards also come with common mode filters for USB 2.0 and 3.1 lines. Each board includes a plug and receptacle so it can easily be connected between a host and cable or device and cable. Read more


New NFC controller and eSE solution significantly improves user experience

Our new NFC controller (ST21NFCD) and NFC SiP including eSE and OS (ST54F) offers faster communication, even over long distances, for very smooth transactions with enhanced low power performance. With improved interoperability on multiple transport infrastructures, including P2P, you will also appreciate a lower cost thanks to a smaller BOM and reduced antenna size for easier integration. Read more


Spin your dual DC motor in minutes

The X-NUCLEO-IHM12A1 is an STM32 ODE expansion board based on the STSPIN240, a low-voltage monolithic motor driver for dual DC motors. It provides an affordable, fast and easy solution for prototyping battery-powered systems. Its compactness, light weight and zero-power consumption state perfectly fit into space-constrained mobile gear and wearables requiring an extended battery lifetime. Together with the free X-CUBE-SPN12 expansion software, you can spin your motor in just minutes. Read more


Discover advantages of fully-molded I²PAKFP through-hole package for MOSFETs

This e-pres highlights the advantages of the I²PAKFP package. 30% lower than the current TO-220FP package, the I²PAKFP (TO-281) is fully inserted at standoff, offering more insulation between leads. Step cutting means better creepage, while without the upper hole of TO-220FP packages only a clip is needed, resulting in more uniform contact pressure and good thermal behavior. Ideal for compact designs such as semi-slim adapters for ultrabooks and netbooks as well as SMPS and lighting solutions. Watch now


A pedometer in ST’s MEMS : Make every step count by choosing the ones that count

This post examines how ST’s advanced MEMS inertial modules and eCompasses are enabling the WeRun feature found in the WeChat messaging app without draining the mobile device’s battery. Read more


Smart Parking becoming a reality

This post details, with the suppot of a short video, how ST’s technology has helped enable PNI Sensor Corporation’s PlacePod to give real-time parking-space-availability updates and conduct self-diagnostics. Read more