IoT news from STMicroelectronics – 18 January 2017

Low-power sensor evaluation platform based on Bluetooth Smart SOC

The STEVAL-IDB007V1 evaluation platform based on our low-power Bluetooth® Smart system-on-chip (BlueNRG-1) provides a set of hardware resources for implementing a wide range of sensor (accelerometer, pressure and temperature) scenarios and manage debug messages. Firmware lets you interface with a mobile BlueNRG sensor application (iOS or Android) with acceleration and environmental services. 3 power options are available for increased development and testing flexibility.


Ultra-low-power sub-1GHz RF transceiver transfers your data from sensors to the cloud

The S2-LP is a high-performance, ultra-low-power, wireless, sub-1 GHz proprietary RF transceiver. Principally designed for the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) and SRD (Short Radio Device) frequency bands, it’s ideal for networked devices, such as alarm systems, surveillance equipment and smart energy-metering solutions, as well as long-range radio links used to connect devices including remote sensors directly to the cloud without a local gateway and extending battery lifetime up to 10 years.


Mobile app for remotely controlling PLCs with STM32 Nucleo ecosystem

Use your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) to remotely access the industrial I/Os of a programmable logic controller at 24 V as well as timers and counters, through a user-friendly ladder logic interface based on an STM32 Nucleo board (NUCLEO-F401RE), an industrial I/O expansion board (X-NUCLEO-PLC01A1 and/or X-NUCLEO-OUT01A1) and a Wi-Fi expansion board (X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1) as well as the X-CUBE-PLC1 industrial input/output software expansion for STM32Cube.


Ultra-small 300 mA LDO with very low quiescent current and automatic Green mode

The LD39130S, a 300 mA miniaturized LDO, reduces the quiescent current to 1 µA, when the load is very small, and seamlessly restores the normal operating mode, when load increases. Its Green mode prolongs battery life in applications requiring long stand-by operation, such as low-power MCUs and sensors, without sacrificing performance. Available in an ultra-small CSP and DFN packages, it’s a perfect solution for handheld and wearable IoT applications.


Ultra-tiny balun customized for CC26xx SimpleLink™ wireless MCUs

ST’s BALF-CC26-05D3 is an ultra-miniature matched-balun optimized for CC2650, CC2640, and CC2630 RF transceivers. Designed on a non-conductive glass substrate to optimize RF performance, the BALF-CC26-05D3 single-component solution simplifies RF complexity implementation and provides an optimized link budget with a footprint under 1.5 mm². With high stability and low dispersion over temperature, the BALF-CC26-05D3 surpasses current solutions.


Big goals drive Euro Alliance for IoT Innovation

This blog post examines a new Alliance created by the European Commission to leverage the unique opportunity of new markets to invigorate Europe’s industry, address demographic changes, and transform growing cities into bustling innovation hubs. ST is one of the 21 founding members of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI).


RF transceivers need baluns and ST has the winning technology

This blog post talks about an often overlooked but critical component that sits between the antenna and all RF transceiver chips in wireless Smart Things and all our connected devices – the balun.