IoT robotic ear, STM32L4+ kit for round GUIs, secure wearable payments, and more – 11 January 2018

Try our new advanced 3-phase BLDC driver for smart low-voltage motor control

The STEVAL-SPIN3202 evaluation board lets you explore the new STSPIN32F0A SiP for intelligent motor control in high-end consumer applications from 6.7 to 45 V such as portable vacuum cleaners, fans and power tools. The device combines an STM32F0 MCU and an advanced 3-phase BLDC driver in a tiny 7 x 7 mm QFN package, simplifying design challenges leveraging on the STM32 development ecosystem with software tools, firmware libraries and middleware in addition to popular motion-control algorithms.


All-in-one tool makes STM32 programming more user-friendly

Our new multi-platform STM32CubeProgrammer tool can program the STM32 microcontroller’s on-chip Flash/RAM as well as external memories through the debug or bootloader interfaces. Users can also generate encrypted files for secure programming to authenticate production. This all-in-one tool can be operated with its intuitive graphical user interface, or controlled from a custom application with automated scripts.


Add a robotic ear to your IoT system

Our BlueCoin (STEVAL-BCNKT01V1) is able to mimic the listening and balancing capabilities of the human ear. Stuffed inside this coin-sized board are four MEMS microphone arrays, a powerful 9-axis inertial and environmental sensor unit and a BLE network processor. Leveraging the high-performance STM32F446 microcontroller, BlueCoin enables advanced sensor fusion capabilities like adaptive beamforming and sound source localization.


Innovative STM32L4+ Discovery kit for stunning audio and graphics for wearables

The rich feature set of our STM32L4+ Discovery Kit (32L4R9IDISCOVERY) lets users develop advanced user interfaces based on a 1.2″ round touch screen. The new Chrom-GRC™ memory optimizer and innovative Chrom-ART Accelerator™ embedded in the ultra-low-power STM32L4+ MCU enhance the graphics rendering, while MEMS microphones and an audio codec ensure high-quality audio for a wide range of voice command/control applications for a state-of-the-art user experience.


An all-in-one module for secure wearable contactless payments

The ST53G system-in-package integrates the ST31G Secure MCU as a secure element (SE) and STS3922 NFC booster to deliver an all-in-one solution for secure contactless transactions for wearables. Its very small antenna and boostedNFC™ technology ensures a compelling user experience over longer distances. As a banking solution, ST53G is one of the SESAMES Awards’ finalists at Trustech 2018 in 2 categories: “e-transactions” and “IoT”.


Featured resource

New release of VIPower Finder app targets multi-channel devices

Our VIPower-FINDER mobile app for Android™ and iOS™ lets you explore ST’s VIPower™ low/high-side switches and h-bridges. You can easily define the device characteristics that best fit your application using the smart or parametric search engine. The most relevant news of the release 2.0 involves Multichannel devices in the Smart Selector section: from now on you can manage channels separately, defining a different load and source for each channel.


Popular video

Design a rich UI for wearables with the new STM32L4+ Discovery Kit

With its 1.2″ round display and variety of graphic software solutions, the new STM32L4+ Discovery Kit (32L4R9IDISCOVERY) is a user-friendly way to quickly prototype a rich UI for portable devices and smart things. This 4-minute unboxing video will help you get started with this complete demonstration and development platform.


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Three reasons this op amp app is much more than an op amp app

ST op amps is the first mobile app (for iOS and Android) that guides engineers in their search for the best operational amplifier (op amp) while also offering a cross-reference feature to find ST alternatives to competing devices. Op amps play a crucial role in a design’s performance, and choosing the correct component makes a big difference in creating a successful design.


Journey into the amazing pressure sensor of the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro launched in September 2017 is the first device in the Gear Fit family to have a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, thanks in part to ST’s new LPS33HW pressure sensor. The LPS33HW is unique because it has a soldering drift of only ±2 mbar, meaning half that of competing products. Hence, there’s a lot less distortion, and the ST device is able to recover in just 72 hours.


Build and fly your own drone with ST’s first controller unit

ST’s first evaluation board (STEVAL-FCU001V1) serving as a flight controller unit for mini-drones, enables makers to build their own drones. ST provides the board’s firmware on GitHub and opens the entire source code, while you can print the drone frame with a 3D printer. You can build the drone as we did  or build it your own way!