MEMS Sensors news 2017- 18 October 2017

10-bar, water-resistant MEMS pressure sensor ideal for harsh environments

Not only water-resistant, the ultra-compact LPS33HW shows resistance to chemicals like chlorine, bromine and salt water, making it the ideal sensor for swimming in pools or the sea. It is also resistant to soaps and detergents used when showering or cleaning. Gel inside the IC contributes to its resistance of up to 10 bar water (equivalent 90 meter depth) or air pressure and its low RMS noise level (0.8 Pa) ensures accuracy when monitoring the altitude in indoor or outdoor environments.


Ultra-compact 2-axis OIS gyroscope reduces image blurring in handhelds and drones

Offering an excellent rate noise density, the L20G20IS has ±100/±200 dps full-scale range and integrated low-pass filters with user-selectable bandwidth as well as power-down and sleep modes for smart power-savings. In addition to having a fast booting time, configurable phase delay and well controlled sensitivity tolerance, each Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) gyro integrates a temperature sensor to ensure best-in-class temperature compensation for high-quality photos.


First iNEMO® 6-axis inertial module specifically designed for Industry 4.0

With a 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope, ST’s ISM330DLC is the first bring to the Industrial domain advanced digital features such as the sensor hub, large FIFO (4-Kbyte) and embedded digital functions. High-performance, small size and low power consumption together with the committed 10 years longevity and high robustness to mechanical shocks makes the this system-in-package the best choice for reliable and long lasting industrial products.


ST’s unique sensor portfolio targets demanding Industry 4.0 environments

Specifically designed to support the fourth Industrial Revolution, ST’s industrial MEMS sensors offer superior accuracy, flexibility and robustness required in harsh environments. Part of ST’s 10-year longevity commitment program, this portfolio includes scalable modules with up to 6-axis solutions with drivers as well as ST’s Open. MEMS catalog of free and easy-to-use software libraries and the STM32 Open Development Environment.


Featured e-presentation

MEMS gyroscopes: a revolutionary way to interface with the real world

This e-pres reviews how MEMS gyroscopes are developed and produced at ST, their main applications, their internal structure and working principles, and details on how to use them for your application. If you are working with gyroscopes, or thinking about it, you will appreciate the helpful insights and implementation tips included in this video


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