Microcontroller news from STMicroelectronics – 29 Jun 2016

Now possible to develop for STM32 on all major PC operating systems

The latest releases of our STM32CubeMX configurator tool and IDE System Workbench for STM32 (SW4STM32) now run under Windows, Linux and OS X, making it easier for customers to develop for STM32, without leaving the desktop OS of their choice. All software development stages are covered: STM32CubeMX ensures the configuration and generation of initialization code, while the SW4STM32 toolchain manages code edition and building as well as programming and debugging via the ST-Link probe.


Try our new STM32F7 Discovery kit with more audio and graphics

Along with the launch of new high-performance STM32F769 MCUs, our STM32F769I Discovery kit offers new functions to help users develop their final applications. The kit comes with a QWVGA 4-inch MIPI DSI display with a capacitive touchscreen and four digital MEMS microphones placed in a specific pattern so as to support audio beam-forming algorithms. It offers a rich connectivity including Ethernet POE, USB, microSD card slot, audio input/output, Arduino extension connector, and more.


Maximize ROI for USB-C: no-cost software and low-cost dev boards

ST’s certified embedded software solution based on its industry-leading STM32F0 microcontroller makes USB-C adoption faster in end-products using the flexibility, adaptability, and versatile feature set of the STM32 ecosystem. At less than 50$, the STM32 Nucleo pack (P-NUCLEO-USB001) development kit includes an USB-C and PD expansion board, two USB-C dual-role ports (provider, consumer and DRP) and the Analog Frond End PHY to control the Configuration Channel (CC) lines.


STM32Cube packages now enriched with optimized low-layer APIs

ST’s new STM32Cube low-layer APIs are a light-weight, optimized, expert-oriented set of APIs designed for both performance and runtime efficiency. LL APIs also offer an easy migration path from the STM32 standard peripheral libraries – never has it been easier to migrate old SPL projects into the Cube environment. The LL APIs are being progressively integrated into the STM32Cube packages (CubeL4, -L0, and -F0 as of today), with a full deployment planned for Q1 2017.


Meet the very high-performance STM32F7 MCU series with the new Cortex-M7 core

This video shows how the STM32F7 offers developers more computational power, more connectivity and more possibilities to develop sophisticated applications while staying gentle on budget. It optimizes the performance of the entire system by combining a set of brand-new peripherals around a 32-bit Cortex®-M7 core with a superior interconnect architecture with AXI and multi-layer AHB bus matrixes, multiple general-purpose and dedicated DMA controllers, a Chrom-ART graphic hardware accelerator as well as a JPEG accelerator on some variants.


Learn about the advantages of our ultra-low-power STM32L0 series

This 13-minute video showcases our ultra-low-power STM32L0 MCU series based on an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core. Discover how its smart architecture with innovative peripherals ensures energy efficiency with dedicated Standby and Stop modes. The industry leader at 125 °C, STM32L0 MCUs offer high integration with large memory size and full security features. Its rich development ecosystem includes free software development tools and many different kinds of boards to evaluate, discover and explore STM32L0 MCUs.


In less than 10 minutes see how STM32Cube eases developers’ lives

The STM32Cube is a comprehensive software tool available at no cost that reduces development effort, time and cost. In addition to a collection of embedded software bricks, it includes the graphical STM32CubeMX tool that helps developers configure STM32 MCUs as well as generate the initialization code. It comes with tons of examples and demonstration code, ready to be used with a wide range of development environments.