Motor Control news from STMicroelectronics – 25 January 2018

The smallest 45 V / 256 microsteps motor driver

The STSPIN820 is the smallest 45 V motor driver in the world that can achieve a resolution of up to 256 microsteps. To achieve a high resolution of 256 microsteps, ST had to develop an advanced and precise PWM current control algorithm. ST’s advanced algorithms are able to keep the torque ripples under control, the motor driver is capable of reducing the noise generated by the motor to come close to a BLDC motor. More
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Save 60% footprint with MOSFET full-bridge system-in-package

Make your industrial motor drives, lamp ballasts or power supplies smaller with the PWD13F60, 600V/8A full-bridge system-in-package, that fits into an 13 x 11 mm outline VFQFPN package four power MOSFETs and all the circuitry for gate driving. The PWD13F60 also helps improve power density and reduce bill-of-material costs


New VIPower™ M0-7 fully integrated, protected bridge circuits for DC motors

Covering a wide range of load conditions thanks to scalable power stages and packages, automotive-qualified VIPower™ M0-7 H-bridge ICs combine state-of-the-art embedded DC or up to 20-kHz PWM speed control modes with an embedded protection mechanism. Independent  load current sensing on each H-bridge branch as well as chip temperature and VCC reading enhance system simplicity and flexibility, avoiding the use of external components.


New T-series Triacs changes the game with more choice for different types of loads

Part of ST’s new T-series, the T1635T-8I Snubberless™ 16 A Triac is designed for an increasing number of AC loads in appliance control applications. Available in a ceramic-insulated TO-220AB package, it meets both immunity and high-commutation needs, offering a cost-effective solution with excellent trade-off of surge current versus immunity and commutation.


Rugged, efficient gate drivers offer more power in small packages

ST’s new STDRIVE family of half-bridge MOSFET and IGBT gate drivers are designed to operate in harsh industrial environments withstanding high voltages up to 600 V, while maintaining good noise immunity and low switching losses. L6491, L6494, and L6498 high-voltage half-bridge gate drivers are particularly suited for medium- and high-capacity power switches thanks to their sink/source current capability up to 4 A.


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STSPIN32F0(A): first versatile motor controls with embedded ST MCU

The STSPIN32F0 and the STSPIN32F0A are ST’s first System-in-Package (SiP) combining a three-phase BLDC (BrushLess Direct Current) electric motor driver and an STM32 Cortex-M0 microcontroller (MCU). The STSPIN32F0 and STSPIN32F0A are truly unique solutions to overcome such trade-offs thanks to their tiny 7 mm x 7 mm packages, which house an analog and a digital IC.