News & Updates from STMicroelectronics – 08 March 2018

New Bluetooth® Mesh SDK for smarter appliances

Bluetooth Mesh enables any smartphone to seamlessly connect to multiple smart objects on a large-scale network. It allows easier monitoring and control in building automation, industrial monitoring, asset tracking, smart lighting and environmental sensing. The BlueNRG-MESH SDK enables easy development of connected Smart Thing solutions using ST’s BlueNRG products.


New ACEPACK™ power modules for advanced performance and economy

Combining high power density with reliability in an economical plastic package, these new Power Integrated Modules (PIM) in six-pack and CIB topologies offer high scalability and provide cost-effective and highly integrated power conversion for 3 to 30 kW applications including industrial motor drives, air conditioners, solar generators, welders, battery chargers, and UPS controllers.


Sigfox™ expansion software for STM32™ LoRa® Discovery kit

The STM32Cube™ software ecosystem now offers a Sigfox™ expansion package (X-CUBE-SFOX) that includes a set of libraries, open routines and application examples to help reduce time to market. Made for the STM32 LoRa® Discovery kit, this platform eases Sigfox portability across the vast STM32 portfolio and complies with global Sigfox RCZ1, 2 & 4 zones.


Powerful, rugged, and efficient: Get more power in smaller packages

Part of ST’s new STDRIVE family of half-bridge MOSFET and IGBT gate drivers, L6491, L6494, and L6498 devices are well suited for medium- and high-capacity power switches. Their wide range of built-in protections makes your design simpler and more compact in addition to reducing the overall bill of material.


High-temperature SCR increases power module performance & compactness

The TN2010H-6 is a 600V-20A thyristor (SCR) used in voltage regulators for 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles. Housed in TO-220 and D2PAK packages and offering a narrow-spread 10 mA triggering current, it perfectly suits low profile and reduced power consumption modules. Be it for solid-state relays, SMPS or battery chargers, the 150 °C junction temperature gives headroom for smaller heatsinks and higher load switch-off capability.


Energy-saving synchronous DC-DC switching regulators

The L6986, L6986F and L6985F step-down monolithic switching regulators with synchronous rectification help achieve the highest efficiency with a very low quiescent current and a low consumption mode specific for light load conditions. Available in a space-saving 16-pin HTSSOP package, they come with three different maximum output current capabilities, from 0.5 to 2 A while maintaining pin-to-pin compatibility.


Featured video

Get to know STDRIVE gate drivers for MOSFETs and IGBTs

With a range spanning from single- to half-bridge and multiple-channel drivers rated for either low- or high-voltage applications up to 1500 V, ST also offers galvanically-isolated drivers for safety and functional requirements. This 3-minute video shows that there is always an STDRIVE perfectly designed to fit your switched mode power converter design.


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Take a virtual tour of our booth at Embedded World 2018

38 demos highlighting new ST products and technologies, 28 Partners showcasing their innovative STM32-based applications, and 5,500 STM32 and NFC boards given away for free! Discover all these activities as well as the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the STM32 Fan Zone. Visit our EW2018 post-event page today!


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