News and Updates from STMicroelectronics – 01 June 2016

Need Bluetooth Smart connectivity? ST makes it simple

Evaluate our BlueNRG-MS low-power Bluetooth® Smart IC using the STEVAL-IDB006V1 evaluation board. Compliant with Bluetooth® 4.1 enhancements, it further increases energy efficiency and supports master and slave roles concurrently. Featuring an onboard, low-power STM32L microcontroller, it can also be used for custom application development.


Increase your design’s efficiency with ST’s latest fast-diode MOSFETs

With an RDS(on) of 0.350 Ω (max.), excellent performance in terms of trr (190 ns typ.), Qrr (1.111 µC typ.) and smooth soft switching behavior, ST’s new 500 V MDmesh DM2 fast recovery diode MOSFETs, the STD12N50DM2 and STF12N50DM2, are sure to improve the efficiency of your design. Housed in DPAK and TO-220FP packages, they are ideal for home appliance and consumer applications (full bridge topology) and for lighting (LED drivers) applications based on LLC topology.


Increase immunity and reduce BOM with new 800 V AC switch

Drive loads subjected to high AC lines spikes and transients with ST’s new logic level ACST310-8FP – a 3 A, 800 V overvoltage-protected AC switch. Its high-voltage robustness and surge voltage capabilities prove its reliability in low-power appliance systems, and saves PCB space as any MOV protection or RC network can be removed. Available now in the 2kV UL1557-certified TO-220FPAB package, it allows any standard microcontroller to drive resistive or inductive load up to 250W.


High-temperature dynamic NFC tag adds capabilities for industrial applications

Upgrade your applications working in harsh environments with our 64-Kbit, dual-interface M24SR64-Y dynamic NFC tag. Functioning at temperatures up to 105 °C (I²C mode) with 500k write cycle endurance, this NFC Forum Type 4 tag based on the ISO/IEC 14443 RF interface features a two-wire 1-MHz I²C serial interface, NDEF native support as well as a 128-bit password data protection mechanism. Developers will benefit from the X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 reference design kit that includes a dynamic NFC tag expansion shield for STM32 Nucleo compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 connector layout.


Boost application performance with precision 16 V CMOS op amps

Combining very high accuracy with a wide operating-voltage range and excellent robustness, ST’s TSX7 series of precision 16V op amps, with their rail-to-rail input and output functionality, can be used on a full input and output range without limitation. Their low input-bias current and the energy-efficient combination of low power consumption and gain bandwidth make the TSX7 series ideal for use in power-constrained sensor-signal-conditioning applications.


Enhance I/O module density and cut dissipation

Improve I/O module density by cutting the dissipation (78 mW per input) and reducing the opto-transistor count using ST’s SCLT3-8BQ7, an 8-line protected digital input termination. In addition to embedding an adjustable digital filter and LED driver in each input section, its 2 MHz SPI peripheral output serializes the input state transfer to the I/O module controller. Developers can quickly evaluate our solution using the STEVAL-IFP030V1 evaluation board that also includes temperature and voltage alarms as well as daisy-chain capability.


Learn how to stop dropping RF links in less than 3 minutes

This video shows how to cut unwanted noise and prevent RF communications from being dropped using ST’s ECMF™ common-mode filters. Storing data or watching HD videos on smartphones or tablets radiate electro-magnetic noise at various in-band receiving frequencies which is coupled to the antennas. See how you can maintain correct reception, prevent unwanted antenna desense and protect against ESD using ST’s ECMF™ series.