News & Updates from STMicroelectronics – 02 December 2016

Experience counts for standard products

ST offers one of the industry’s broadest range of standard and drop-in-replacement ICs including the most popular general-purpose analog ICs, discrete and serial EEPROM with thousands of references to help reduce your supplier list. We manufacture billions of them to the highest quality standards – many references are AEC-Q qualified for automotive applications. You can also find a comprehensive set of design aids, including SPICE and IBIS models as well as simulation tools, to help shorten your approval cycle.


Improved 35 W wide input range flyback converter with protections for lighting systems

The STEVAL-ILL069V2 supplies a stable and insulated 48 V voltage bus suitable for secondary side circuitry for a total output power of 35 W for a wide range of input voltages. The HVLED001A controller provides a very high power factor, while managing input voltage variations. The improved frequency fold-back feature ensures a very high application efficiency while reducing the output voltage ripple even at very light load. It includes auto-restart protections for safe operation in lighting environments.


New Trusted Platform Modules protect users’ assets by monitoring platform integrity from boot

ST’s STSAFE-TPM family of Trusted Platform Module products is the first to offer preloaded TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0 support with exclusive operating modes. These modules provide a standardized secure element to ensure platform integrity and secure communications as well as to protect sensitive data. They can be easily integrated with host controllers from PC chipsets to general-purpose MCUs or MPUs used in gateways, routers, peripherals or other IoT edge points.


Increase performance and robustness with new TSX low-power comparators

The TSX393 and TSX3702 micropower 16 V dual CMOS voltage comparators and the TSX339 and TSX3704 micropower 16 V quad CMOS voltage comparators combine higher ESD capability than their predecessors and temperature range -40 to 125 °C, thereby boosting the reliability of sensing and control systems in harsh environments. The new devices can also operate from the standard voltages used in a wide variety of applications, including industrial or automotive equipment.


ST’s op amps: performance, precision and advanced technology

ST offers a wide analog portfolio including performance amplifiers and comparators dedicated to the challenging industrial, automotive and consumer markets. The product range is developed for various needs such as precision, low consumption, high speed, package form factor, audio and supply range, or cost-optimized bills of material.


Featured videos

Learn how STSAFE-A devices improve security in a connected world

STSAFE-A is a ready-to-use turnkey solution that helps customers increase the security of their IoT devices by providing authentication and secure data management services to a local or remote host via a secure channel using the latest generation of highly secure MCUs and advanced cryptography. Comes with a complete development ecosystem including an expansion board and software code examples.


Online feature-rich simulator for preventive and curative ESD and signal integrity issues

This 4-minute video shows how ESD-SIM provides simulation results to help assess if your circuit will survive IEC 61000-4-2 testing. You can also analyze your signal integrity design thanks to both time domain reflectometry and eye diagram simulations. The tool uses ST’s TVS SmartSelector to enable optimal component choice for the target application, avoiding design spins, delays, and related expenses.


Recent blog posts

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This post looks at MeshPower’s solution to bring cost-effective energy to villages in Rwanda with solar-powered nano-grids and why they chose to use the STM32F4 MCU series in their client device.


Enabling the evolution of the city into the Smart City

This post shows how our sensing, actuation, processing, power and energy management, connectivity, and security products and solutions are enabling our cities to be safer, more efficient, convenient and sustainable.