News and Updates from STMicroelectronics – 07 July 2016

Maximize battery life and lifespan with advanced charger management IC

The STBC02 battery-charger management chip improves integration without compromising performance and power consumption. It combines a linear battery charger, a 150 mA LDO, two SPDT switches, a smart reset/watchdog, automatic power path management and a battery protection circuit. The STBC02 improves battery life and offers the perfect solution for wearable and IoT markets, reducing application cost, footprint and design time.


High-speed input current limiter cuts dissipation to enhance I/O module density

Discover how you can enhance I/O module density by cutting dissipation (78 mW per input) and reducing the number of opto-transistors. Based on our CLT01-38SQ7 high-speed digital input current limiter, the STEVAL-IFP031V1 evaluation board implements an 8-line protected input termination and its 6.25 MHz SPI output serializes the input state transfer to the I/O module controller. In addition to being daisy-chain capable, each input section embeds a LED output for visual status.


The strongest and tiniest SLIC protection shaped to satisfy any telecom standard

The LCP154DJF – a complete and compact SLIC protection solution – is intended to replace several components such as LCP1521S, PTCs and Trisil™ in compact applications. Its parameters comply with ITU-T K20/21/45 and GR1089-Core outdoor standards and its PowerFLAT™ (5 x 6 mm) package is tailored to comply with clearance requirements according to IEC 60950, optimize PCB area as well as simplify application certifications.


Increase performance when using tiny batteries with our new nanopower comparators

Our new TS88x series of nanopower comparators, compatible with low supply voltages, enables longer operating times with smaller battery size. With a very low operating current, the TS88x series draws less than half the current of competing devices without trade-off on speed and can operate on a wide temperature range (-40 to +125 °C). Available in very small packages, they are perfect for use in portable applications.


New ultra-compact EMI filter with high-speed ESD protection for microSD cards

The EMIF06-USD14F3 offers a highly compact EMI low-pass filtering solution for SD memory cards in a 2.37 mm² package, with pull-up resistors outside the chip, and an optimized pinout fitting any type and generation of memory card. Its embedded low capacitance protection keeps full compatibility with SDR104 mode (SD3.0) and clock frequencies up to 208 MHz.


New advanced 16 V process technology for CMOS voltage comparators

The TSX3702 is part of a new generation of 16 V micropower CMOS voltage comparators that helps save energy and simplifies the analog system design for applications from automotive electronics to smart buildings and industrial controls. Based on an in-house advanced manufacturing process, it offers a high level of robustness with an increased ESD tolerance. Available in tiny packages, an automotive-grade version is also proposed.


Explore ST’s VIPerPlus portfolio of high-voltage converters

Combining an 800 V avalanche-rugged MOSFET with a leading-edge PWM controller, ST’s VIPerPlus series of high-voltage converters is the perfect solution to make an SMPS with few components and a simple feedback. Thanks to the extremely low standby consumption (less than 4 mW at 265 VAC ) and high efficiency over a wide load range, they enable SMPS designs meeting the most demanding energy-saving regulations.


Learn about the advantages of ST’s 800 V MDmesh K5 MOSFETs

ST’s range of 800 V MDmesh K5 MOSFETs features the industry’s lowest device on-state resistance (80 mΩ for an 800 V device in TO-247) while also reducing the gate charge for faster and more efficient switching. The devices also have high avalanche robustness making them ideal for highly reliable designs. With more than 45 devices in total (10 different RDS(on) values and 9 packages), they meet the high efficiency needs of a wide range of applications.