PMSM FOC design, tiny USB-C protection ICs, high-precision dual op amp, zero-power standby SMPS and more – 09 March 2017

Jump start your FOC BLDC motor design with new firmware example

The STSW-SPIN3201 is a firmware example based on the STM32 PMSM FOC SDK (STSW-STM32100) for the 32-bit MCU-based STSPIN32F0 motor driver, which features the flexibility and power of an MCU-based motor drive with the convenience and space-efficiency of a single IC. With the STEVAL-SPIN3201 evaluation board, it allows to control a 3-phase PMSM with field-oriented control algorithms in sensorless mode. It enables fast prototyping of smart-manufacturing equipment, drones, and high-performance home appliances.


Industry’s smallest power-dense ESD & EOS protection ICs for USB Type-C ports

ST extends its dedicated 30-kV protection series for USB charging circuits with five new transient voltage suppressors. The ESDAxP series – designed with the best clamping ratio for 5 to 20 V USB-powered devices – provides the best-in-class surge current protection capability within the tiniest possible package (1.6 x 1.0 mm), and improves the whole circuit lifetime. The ESD robustness of the entire TVS series goes well beyond the IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 specification.


Zero-power standby SMPS with remote-control wake-up

Based on the VIPer0P 800 V avalanche-rugged high-voltage converter with zero-power standby, the STEVAL-ISA181V1 is a remote-controlled 12 V / 600 mA isolated flyback SMPS with a smart standby architecture featuring zero-power mode (ZPM). In ZPM idle state, power consumption is below 5 mW. The ZPM combined with the IR remote on/off control makes it ideal for air conditioning systems.


Need very high-precision in a tiny package? ST makes it possible

The TSZ182 dual op amp is a 5 V chopper-stabilized op amp with a 3 MHz gain bandwidth, rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, and ultra-small 2 x 2 mm DFN8 or Mini-SO8 packages. The offset voltage of 25 µV at 25°C enables high measurement resolution and precision. These features make the TSZ182 ideal for high-accuracy high-bandwidth sensor interfaces like body-signal monitors, blood-glucose meters, industrial sensors, factory automation, automotive applications and low-side current sensing.


I2PAKFP package extends 950 V MDmesh K5 MOSFET portfolio

Ideal for compact and slim designs such as LED driver applications and slim laptop adapters, the 950 V, 0.50 Ω (max) RDS(on) STFI15N95K5 is housed in the fully-molded I2PAKFP through-hole package (JEDEC-approved TO-281) which is 30% shorter than the TO-220FP, yet shows the same thermal performance and electrical isolation. In slim designs, the package can be mounted above the standoff height, which improves the overall reliability


Win great prizes by competing in two contests at Embedded World 2017

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Take full control of your high-power stepper motor

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to get up and running ST’s X-NUCLEO-IHM03A1 STM32 ODE expansion board based on the powerSTEP01, a compact and powerful stepper motor driver delivering up to 10 A with superior smoothness and accurate positioning. Start your high-power stepper motor project in just minutes.


New STMod+ connector and simpler designs on Cortex-M7 boards

This blog post looks at our latest development boards using an STM32F7 microcontroller based on an ARM® Cortex®-M7 core.


The STM32 was a lifesaver! James shares his unusual story with the ST Community

In this blog post, we learn how an STM32 saved the lives of James, an engineer and ST Community member, and his family.