Power Management news from STMicroelectronics – 01 March 2017

600 V MOSFET with integrated fast body diode for faster and more efficient switching

Housed in the compact DPAK package, the 600 V STD5N60DM2 is the latest addition to ST’s MDmesh DM2 series of super-junction MOSFETs with integrated fast body diode. With an on-state resistance of 1.55 Ω (max), a 3.5 A drain current (max), low Qrr and high dv/dt capability, it allows faster and more efficient switching in server, solar micro-inverters, lighting and home appliance applications in full-bridge and half-bridge topologies.


Make your wearable devices energy autonomous

ST’s SPV1050 ultra-low power energy harvester with integrated battery charger helps designers achieve high efficiency and small form factor designs, making it the perfect fit for smart watches and wrist bands, pedometers and heart-rate meters. Suitable for any battery chemistry and with more than 90% conversion efficiency, it guarantees a long battery lifetime, light weight and minimal footprint.


New family of 250 mA, tiny, ultra-low-noise LDOs

With an input voltage from 1.5 to 5.5 V and a typical dropout of 120 mV, the LDLN025 generates a precise and regulated output voltage. Its ultra-low noise architecture ensures less than 6.5 µVrms noise and high PSRR, perfect for precision ICs like ADCs, VCOs, or sensors, with a maximum current of 250 mA. Available in 4-bump flip-chip (0.63 x 0.63 mm) and 4-lead QFN (1 x 1 mm) packages, it’s ideal for space-constrained devices including smartphones, wearables, and wireless IoT devices.


High-performance PWM controller ideal for quick chargers and USB power delivery

ST’s STCH02 is a current-mode controller designed for offline quasi-resonant ZVS flyback converters. The built-in 650 V HV start-up circuit with zero power consumption, combined with the fully integrated blocks for primary side constant current output regulation and the advanced power management make this IC the best choice to build high-efficiency and ultra-low standby consumption power supplies.


Design more compact and efficient SMPSs

ST’s SRK2001 is a secondary-side synchronous rectification controller for LLC resonant converters. It features an innovative turn-on logic with adaptive masking time and adaptive turn-off logic which maximizes the conduction time of the SR MOSFETs. This eliminates the need of the parasitic inductance compensation circuit, reducing the external component count. The device also features a low consumption mode for increased efficiency in light-load / no load conditions.


WiTricity leads the way with wireless charging

Wireless charging for electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) is coming to market soon, and WiTricity is leading the charge in technology development and standardization with its magnetic-resonance-based wireless power-transfer expertise and technology.


With an STM32F4, MeshPower delivers electricity and so much more in Rwanda

This post looks at MeshPower’s solution to bring cost-effective energy to villages in Rwanda with solar-powered nano-grids and why they chose to use the STM32F4 MCU series in their client device.