Power Management news from STMicroelectronics – 15 Jun 2016

Low conduction losses and high system efficiency using our 500 W fully digital SMPS

The STEVAL-ISA147V3 is a digital switch mode AC-DC converter consisting of two power stages: an input semi-bridgeless power factor corrector (SBPFC) controlled by an STM32F051K8, and a regulation stage implemented with an LLC half bridge with synchronous rectification (SR), controlled by an STM32F334C8 microcontroller. This 500 W AC-DC converter uses the so-called bridgeless PFC topology.


Inverting buck-boost LED driver board made easy

The STEVAL-ILL079V1 product evaluation board is based on an LED6000 monolithic current source for high power LED driving. The solution fully supports topologies such as inverting buck-boost with digital dimming capabilities. A light load management feature, current limit threshold control and adjustable switching frequency make the solution ideal for optimized power applications.


Maximize ROI for USB-C: no-cost software and low-cost dev boards

ST’s certified embedded software solution based on its industry-leading STM32F0 microcontroller makes USB-C adoption faster in end-products using the flexibility, adaptability, and versatile feature set of the STM32 ecosystem. At less than $50, the STM32 Nucleo pack (P-NUCLEO-USB001) development kit includes an USB-C and PD expansion board, two USB-C dual role ports (provider, consumer and DRP) and the Analog Frond End PHY to control the Configuration Channel (CC) lines.


For a clean, stable output voltage, try our new cost-effective high-PSRR LDOs

The new LDK320 and LDL212 linear voltage regulators respectively provide 200 mA and 1.2 A of current. These cost-effective LDOs, able to work with supply voltages up to 18 V, offer an optimal combination of low dropout voltage, low quiescent current and remarkable dynamic performance. Thanks to the very high PSRR (more than 85 dB @ 120 Hz), they are recommended for applications requiring a clean and stable output voltage.