Smart Driving news from STMicroelectronics – 15 June 2017

Enter and start cars with a NFC phone using AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified reader ICs

The ST25R3914/15 are AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified reader front-ends that are specifically designed for the demanding automotive environment. Combining automatic antenna tuning with guaranteed 1W output power, these reader ICs achieve the highest operating ranges with the smallest antenna sizes and work seamlessly together with wireless charging technologies like Qi. Adding excellent P2P capabilities, they enhance the overall user experience when accessing a car with any NFC-enabled device.


Meet the next generation of door zone controller ICs

Tailored for rear door systems, the L99DZ120 provides electronic control modules with enhanced power management, including various standby modes, as well as a LIN physical communication layer. In addition to 2 LDOs, 8 high-side drivers to supply LEDs and 2 high-side drivers to supply bulbs increase the system integration level and can drive up to 3 DC motors and 4 external MOS transistors in an H-bridge configuration. Its SPI for device control and diagnostics also enables generic software development


40 V automotive MOSFETs in tiny 5×6 mm dual-side cooling package shrink ECUs

ST now offers low-voltage AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs housed in the new PowerFLAT™ 5 x 6 mm dual-side cooling package with wettable flanks that exposes the top-side source electrode to further enhance heat dissipation, retaining the footprint and thermally efficient bottom-side design of the standard package. Able to support a higher current rating that increases power density, the STLD200N4F6AG and STLD125N4F6AG let designers build smaller ECUs without trading off functionality, performance, or reliability.


39V low capacitance dual-line ESD protection for 24V systems in trucks

ST’s ESDCAN0x-2BWY series is AEC-Q101 qualified and designed to protect automotive communication buses especially in trucks where its 39 V VBR allows a safe implementation. Its line capacitance (< 3.5 pF) combined with its high robustness (> 25 kV ISO 10605) simplifies the design and reduces time-to-market. The capacitance matching between lines does not exceed a best-in-class 0.1pF for skew reduction and compliance with fastest interfaces. Now available in the SOT323-3L package for PCB saving.


Optimize configurations with SPI-controlled octal channel driver

The L9301 is a SPI-controlled multiple channel switch with 4 high/low and 8 low-side drivers with the possibility of using four of them as integrated recirculation diodes for PWM load driving. Several configurations can be achieved with the possibility to parallelize two outputs for higher current capability. Use the Serial Peripheral Interface to configure device parameters, send driver commands and read back diagnostics. It comes with an evaluation board and dedicated GUI.


Evaluate the flexibility of the L5963 multichannel voltage regulator

EVAL-L5963 and EVAL-L5963Q evaluation boards let you assess the performance of the L5963 multichannel automotive voltage regulator in both PSSO36 and QFN48 packages respectively. Battery-compatible and able to deliver up to 3 A from each of the two embedded dc-dc regulators and up to 250 mA from the linear regulator, the L5963 simplifies power up/down sequencing and is perfect for double USB hubs, clusters, infotainment and car electronics in general.


1200V, 30A & 60A standard diodes for safer automotive input bridge circuits

Providing low forward voltage drop and high surge capabilities, the new 1200 V STBR3012WY (30 A) and STBR6012WY (60 A) diodes – housed in the high-power DO-247 package – provide superior surge performance. They make safer AC/DC converters by limiting inrush current for mixed input bridges when combined with TN3050H-12WY and TN5050H-12WY thyristors in a through-hole TO-247 package or the TN3050H-12GY in a D²PAK.


A significantly lower switching loss with automotive-grade 1200 V SiC diodes

The ultimate combination of a very low forward voltage drop (VF ), a high-surge non-repetitive forward current (IFSM ) and a low total capacitive charge (Qc) contributes to downsize the overall board area in automotive applications where high-speed switching operations with the highest efficiency are required. Housed in D²PAK and TO-220AC packages, the STPSC10H12-Y, STPSC15H12-Y and STPSC20H12-Y fulfill automotive robustness and performance requirements.


1200 V SiC diodes: Record efficiency now qualified for automobiles, from 2 to 40 A

This post examines the newly introduced range of Silicon Carbide diodes, with AEC-Q101 qualification, that are boosting the efficiency of industrial and automotive applications thanks to their industry-best forward voltage drop and high surge current robustness.


Welcome to the Door Zone. Come inside!

This post peeks inside the doors of a modern car and details the technology required to power all those functions that we take for granted as we unlock it and drive to our destination.