Smart Driving news from STMicroelectronics – 16 March 2017

New VIPower® Zero high-side driver with advanced protection features

Thanks to the high precision and extended current sense accuracy of the VIPower® Zero series, the VND7004AY is the perfect dual-channel high-side driver to safely drive and protect glow plugs using advanced protective functions such as load current limitation, overload active management by power limitation and overtemperature shutdown with configurable latch-off. Also, its MultiSense analog feedback feature ensures lifetime monitoring of glow plugs’ status and condition to guarantee compliance with emissions regulations.


Teseo PC tool helps you find the direction of your design

Teseo-Suite is the official software tool used to manage, configure and evaluate the performance of all ST GNSS solutions including the new third generation of Teseo devices. Its graphical user interface can control more than one GNSS receiver simultaneously allowing an easy performance comparison. In addition to numerous other features, it comes with a powerful NMEA diagnostics tool to help speed up development time.


Need ultra-high temperature in a tiny package? ST makes it possible

The LM2904WHYST dual op amp and LM2903WHYST dual comparator in a MiniSO8 package offer a 50% smaller footprint than other Grade-0 parts in a standard SO8 package. Qualified for operation from –40 to 150 °C, these parts enhance reliability with improved robustness and resilient performance in harsh environments such as engine controllers, in-gearbox modules, LED-lighting controllers, and safety-critical systems such as ABS controllers that must provide absolute dependability.


First automotive-grade thyristor (SCR) in D²PAK package

ST extends its 1200 V SCR series with the TN3050H-12GY, an automotive-grade 30 A thyristor. Designed for 2 to 7 kW on-board chargers in bridge or bridgeless topologies, it also fits AC-DC rectification in UPS and battery charger applications, motor drives or the back-to-back switch of solid-state relays. Fully rated at 150 °C and housed in the D²PAK package (a TO-247 package version also exists), it offers a robust switch – 1 kV/µs immunity, 1400 V surge – for compact SMD design with full AEC-Q101 compliance.


Dual step-down switching regulator with LDO and HSD now available in tiny VFQFPN package

The L5963, a multi-channel automotive power management IC, now comes in a very small 7 x 7 mm 48-pin VFQFPN package. Able to deliver up to 3 A from each of the two embedded DC-DC converters and up to 250 mA from the linear regulator. Battery-compatible, all regulators have independent supply, power good and hardware enable pins; simplifying power up sequencing. It is perfect for use in USB hubs as well as infotainment systems and car electronics in general.


512 Kbits of automotive-grade EEPROM in tiny DFN8 package for ADAS

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) use several cameras for 360° surround view systems, forward sensing, driver safety monitoring and night vision. ST’s automotive-qualified serial EEPROMs offer maximum flexibility for setup parameters with up to 512 Kbits of EEPROM for improved image quality in a tiny 2 x 3 mm DFN8 package for easy upgrades, late customization, monitoring, and in-use/ageing calibration.


Secure element for advanced protection of automotive M2M solutions

The ST33G1M2A is a secure element for car applications designed to reach high levels of performance such as more than 500,000 erase/write cycles per page over an extended temperature range from –40 to +105 °C under very harsh environmental conditions. With native Page Flash robustness and increased failure analysis capability, this serial access MCU targets very low ppm levels. AEC-Q100 certified, it offers numerous security features to help to protect against advanced forms of attacks.