ST at Sensors Expo 2016

ST shows MEMS and Sensors leadership at SensorsExpo 2016.  Stop by booth #816 to see the latest tools and products to enable your next design.  If you can’t make it, we will share the highlights soon.


All you need for fast prototyping – SensorTile

ST introduces SensorTile, a brand new and incredibly small, powerful BlueTooth Smart and Embedded Sensing development kit.  The kit includes high-accuracy, very low power inertial and environmental sensors and a microphone.


Can you hear this? BlueCoin – a new development system

ST shares the soon to be released BlueCoin, a BlueTooth Smart development system that integrates low-power and high-performance 9-axis inertial and environmental sensors with a cluster of 4 digital MEMS microphones that are coupled to a powerful STM32F446 @180MHz microprocessor.


Pedestrian Dead Reckoning – When your GPS can’t help, ST can

ST explains Pedestrian Dead Reckoning, computing location in a GPS-inhibited area.  Using multiple sensors to track location, altitude, motion, pressure, and algorithms that translate the data into locations displayed on a mobile phone.


Connecting the IoT – Smart City and Smart Home with ST

ST connects the Smart Home and Smart City using a variety of our sensing technologies and communications modules, to track, control and monitor activity throughout a home or city.