STM32 audio dev tool, AC switch for Smart Homes, 60V IPS for SIL systems, an all-in-one op amp design kit and more – 04 May 2017

Advanced and optimized audio development made easy on STM32 MCUs

Fully optimized for STM32 MCUs and requiring no DSP coding skills, ST-AudioWeaver is a free audio development tool enabling advanced and optimized audio development while significantly reducing development time and costs. The PC-based tool allows easy creation and real-time tuning of audio processing chains by simply dragging and dropping 160+ audio modules. Premium upgrade with additional or custom audio modules and MATLAB API support is possible.


Increase immunity and reduce BOM with new 800 V AC switch for Smart Home

ST’s new 3-amp RMS logic-level AC switch is now available in Fullpack and DPAK versions. Designed to drive most inductive loads in small motors, electric curtains, pumps, solenoids and water valves, ACST310 devices can be driven with only 10 mA gate current allowing direct connection with an MCU by a simple resistor in series, avoiding the need for an external gate driver and making FMEA easier and reducing PCB size.


60 V intelligent power switch ready today for tomorrow’s factory automation

The IPS161H is a single high-side switch with protections and diagnostics for Safety Integrity Level (SIL2 and SIL3) compliant systems. With a supply voltage range up to 60 V, the IPS161H intelligent power switch (IPS) is capable of safely driving complex (resistive, capacitive and inductive) loads with one side connected to ground such as valves, relays and lamps in factory automation or process control applications.


All-in-one design toolkit and smart selector for op amps and comparators

Our Op Amps mobile app (ST-OPAMPS-APP) lets you select the best operational amplifier, comparator, current-sensing, power and high-speed amplifier device for your application. Sort, compare and filter electrical parameters or use the smart component value calculator with interactive schematics. Search using the competitor cross-reference tool and access 3D package data and product datasheets while away from the desk.


Learn about the advantages of ST’s new 900 V MDmesh K5 MOSFETs

ST has extended its portfolio of MDmesh K5 very-high-voltage super-junction MOSFETs with 900 V devices featuring the industry’s lowest on-state resistance (99 mΩ in the TO-247 package and 810 mΩ in the DPAK package) while also reducing the gate charge for faster and more efficient switching. The devices also have low input and output capacitances which enable zero-voltage switching with minimal energy loss.


ST Community: The place to get answers, share ideas, and know what’s coming

This blog post takes a look at ST’s new resource, curated by moderators, and enhanced by ST employees, to bring partners, engineers, academia, and enthusiasts together around its technologies.


SPWF04: Low-power Wi-Fi and powerful MCU for MicroPython applications

This blog post examines a new Wi-Fi module recently launched by ST that is designed to facilitate the development of cloud applications used by small or IoT devices connected to the web.