STM32 Nucleo gas sensor, turnkey NFC mobile platforms, energy-saving DC-DC switching regulators and more – 04 October 2017

Energy-saving synchronous DC-DC switching regulators

The L6986, L6986F and L6985F step-down monolithic switching regulators with synchronous rectification help achieve the highest efficiency with a very low quiescent and a low consumption mode specific for light load conditions. Available in a space-saving 16-pin HTSSOP package, they come with three different maximum output current capabilities from 0.5 to 2 A while maintaining pin-to-pin compatibility.


STM32 Nucleo gas expansion board helps you detect this silent killer

Based on Figaro’s state-of-the-art TGS5141 CO sensor, ST’s STM32 Nucleo gas expansion board (P-NUCLEO-IKA02A1) provides a reference design for various electro-chemical sensors. The ultra-low-power STM32L053 MCU combined with the low power consumption of our new TSU111 nano-power, high-precision op amp ensures a board lifetime of up to 10 years without even having to change the battery


ST & Mediatek collaborate to propose new advanced NFC platforms

By integrating ST21NFCD, ST54F and ST54H secure NFC solutions with MediaTek mobile platforms, the two partners help mobile OEMs overcome key challenges such as antenna design and integration as well as bill-of-material optimization while ensuring seamless integration with payment terminals at retailers and transportation hubs. The solution makes mobile payments easy, dependable, and private, while protecting against cybersecurity threats including eavesdropping and hacking


1-mm thick ultrafast recovery rectifier tailored for slim form factor SMPS

The STTH1R02ZF’s flat dice packaging is an excellent choice for industrial DC/DC converters, SMPS and auxiliary supplies. The rectifier has a low forward drop and short recovery time providing an optimized performance, while benefiting from a 60% reduction in package height. The SMA footprint compatibility ensures a fast design turnaround.


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Certified USB power delivery controller saves time and cost

Discover the key advantages the STUSB1602 USB Type-C and Power Delivery analog front-end IC. The ideal solution for flexible or custom USB PD implementations, the STUSB1602 ensures all Type-C functions such as managing the port connection, handling dead battery operation and system start-up, cable orientation and VCONN supply. Watch our video to find out more.


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