STM32 Nucleo for USB-C™, battery-charger IC, 950/1050V S-J MOSFETs and more – 10 July 2017

Standalone USB Type-C™ Power Delivery controller – high voltage, safe, robust

The new STUSB4710 integrates all the digital and high-voltage analog circuitry needed to autonomously support full USB PD negotiation with up to 5 Power Data Objects (PDO). Increased flexibility is provided by an optional I²C interface to address multi-ports and power-sharing applications. This full hardware solution targets power-source applications such AC adapters, power supplies, power hubs, smart plugs and DC-DC applications.


New STM32 Nucleo pack for USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery

Based on two STUSB1602 USB Type-C™ port controllers and an STM32F0 Cortex®-M0 MCU, the full-featured P-NUCLEO-USB002 development kit enables fast prototyping of USB PD applications leveraging a comprehensive set of ready-to-use ST components and software packages including the X-CUBE-USB-PD Power delivery stack. This dual-port solution is fully configurable and ready to support different power roles like provider, consumer or DRP.


Maximize battery life and lifespan with advanced charger management IC

The STBC02 battery-charger management chip improves integration without compromising performance and power consumption. It combines a linear battery charger, a 150 mA LDO, two SPDT switches, a smart reset/watchdog, automatic power path management and a battery protection circuit. The STBC02 improves battery life and offers the perfect solution for wearable and IoT markets, reducing application cost, footprint and design time.


MDmesh DK5 series with high power density for more compact solutions

New 950-1050 V super-junction MOSFETs with fast recovery diode offer industry-best reverse recovery time of 250 ns (typ.), combined with industry’s lowest RDS(on) (0.12 Ω in Max247 and ISOTOP packages) and very low gate charge (45 nC) helps maximize the system efficiency and increase power density. Available in through-hole and SMD power packages including long-lead TO-247 and ISOTOP packages.


EEPROM in DFN5 package combines small footprint and handling robustness

ST’s I²C EEPROMs in DFN5 package fit applications where space constraints and manufacturing robustness are key factors. Headsets, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, wearables and even drones will find great benefit in switching from DFN8 to DFN5 packages thanks to reduced pin count, significantly smaller footprint and 50% lighter weight. Molded package allows manufacturing on mature lines helping optimize production costs for size competitive modules.


Robotic cars drive into high schools

This post details a transatlantic project that has a high school version of Duckietown, created by MIT, with Duckiebots built on an STM32 Nucleo-F401RE board and expansion boards that control the gear motors, and contain ST MEMS sensors and FlightSense proximity sensors.


Thyristor Finder: The first app in the world that makes designing with thyristors easier

This post shows how easy it is to select and design with ST’s thyristor devices (including Diacs, Triacs and AC switches) selecting a few key parameters and using the Thyristor Finder app.