STM32 Nucleo with crypto, Intelligent power switch, lowest RDSon MOSFET, security-on-a-chip for IoT, and more – 08 June 2018


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High-speed quad low-side IPS with rich diagnostics

Able to drive four loads, the IPS4260L intelligent power switch offers built-in protection mechanisms in a space-efficient, thermally enhanced package. With programmable cut-off delay/restart.



N-channel 80 V Power MOSFET in H2PAK-2 with extremely low RDS(on)

Reduced internal capacitance and gate charge for faster and more efficient switching. High EMI immunity and avalanche ruggedness.


Dynamic NFC tags now available in WLCSP package to fit thin, tiny housings

Versatile ST25DV-I2C dynamic NFC/RFID tag ICs offer energy harvesting, 64-bit password protection and access to Low-power mode.


New SCR safely controls AC and DC loads with 150°C-rated noise immunity

Available in D2PAK or TO-220 (insulated or not) packages, our new 50A, 600V thyristor performs as an excellent crowbar circuit.


New TCL Alcatel 3V smartphone adopts ST21NFCD for seamless NFC integration and certification

ST’s ST21NFCD NFC controller IC based on an advanced ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit MCU offers excellent RF performance thanks to active load modulation technology.


Next-generation Common Criteria EAL5+ and BSI certified security-on-a-chip for Smart Things

New flexible STSAFE-J100 solution keeps connected IoT objects secure. Full development ecosystem and pre-certified turnkey applets available.



Industrial-grade evaluation board for IPS4260L high-speed quad low-side IPS

Meeting industrial, EMC and thermal requirements, this board lets you analyze IPS4260L functions. Dedicated GUI and IBU interface board available.


STM32 Nucleo boards with crypto/hash functions

First STM32 Nucleo boards with AES and Hash functions based on ultra-low-power STM32L4 MCUs ready now. Simple and seamless prototyping.



Automotive general-purpose analog ICs: robustness and performance

The new automotive brochure is now available on! Explore the robustness and performance of our general-purpose analog IC portfolio.



Making Bluetooth Mesh easy, scalable, and user friendly

Our BlueNRG-Mesh SDK includes – for the first time ever – dedicated mobile apps. For flexible, secure Bluetooth LE Mesh networks.


PlacePod: An eco-friendly STM32-based smart parking sensor

See how PNI Sensor used an ultra-low-power STM32L0 MCU in its wireless cloud-based solution to revolutionize parking lots.



ST Voltage Regulator finder app for Android and iOS

Browse ST’s voltage regulator portfolio and use its parametric search engine to quickly select the right solution.


ST IGBT product finder app for Android and iOS

A fast and smart way to explore ST’s IGBT portfolio using detailed parametric search and “Fast view” of important characteristics.



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