STM32 security, tiny LDO, energy-efficient power controller, high-accuracy magnetic sensor, and more – 09 May 2018


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Tiny ultra-low quiescent current LDO voltage regulator

Combining small size with high performance and energy efficiency, the STLQ020 is ideal for battery-powered wearables and handhelds. Quad LDO board available for developers.



Digital power controller that requires no FW development for stringent energy regulations

Using an intuitive GUI and requiring no FW development, our STNRG011 digital multi-mode PFC and LLC resonant half-bridge controller provides flexibility and safety.


Very high-voltage MDmesh™ K5 power MOSFET significantly boosts energy efficiency

Low on-resistance and ultra-low gate charge ideal for high-voltage on-board DC-DC converters up to 2 kW. 100% avalanche tested.


Ultra-precise stand-alone high-accuracy 3D magnetometer

3-axis digital magnetic sensor able to generate an interrupt for magnetic field detection. Useful for navigation systems in smartwatches and handhelds.



3.5 kV insulated AC switch control evaluation board for home appliances

Control 3 AC loads up to 1 kW using triacs and AC switches with insulated drives to replace relays. Easy to configure with STM32 Nucleo board and user-friendly interface.


Compact USB-C to DisplayPort Alternate Mode adapter reference design

Stream video signals up to 4K resolution along SuperSpeed data lines and other signals required by the DisplayPort protocol through secondary channels.



STM32 Secure boot & secure firmware update software expansion package

Prevent unauthorized updates and access to confidential data in connected devices including handhelds, wearables and IoT endpoints.



Tiny, efficient KNX transceiver for home and building control

STKNX, our new miniature KNX certified transceiver with voltage regulators enables unrivalled efficiency for KNX nodes in home and building control applications.


Power MOSFET product finder application for Android and iOS

A fast and smart way to find the right power MOSFET and access key characteristics using intuitive parametric or part number search engines and more.


Industrial intelligent power switches (IPS) solutions brochure

With diagnostics and protection features, they include on-chip galvanic isolated switches and solutions for Safety Integrity Level (SIL2 and SIL3) compliant systems.



Wireless charging solutions for all major standards and technologies

1½ minute video covers ST’s complete portfolio of both transmitter and receiver chipsets and turnkey solutions compliant with standards including Qi and AirFuel.



Discover drone zone and how it can help build your first drone

We’ve created this community for Drone application enthusiasts, developers, universities, research institutes, and engineers; if you love drones, this is a great place for you!



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