[Videos] Discover ST’s latest innovations at Embedded World 2018 – 01 March 2018

ST Videos from Embedded world 2018

ST is demonstrating their latest embedded technologies, products and tools in Nuremburg. This year we have a dedicated Fan Zone for the STM32 too. A host of ST experts and partners is present at the event to support the embedded community. If you can’t get to the event then you can still see interviews and demonstrations from the experts on our YouTube channel…


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Wireless STM32 SoC supporting BLE 5 and IEEE 802.15.4 protocols

Check out the new STM32WB, a dual-core multiprotocol wireless MCU. In this video Hakim explains the performance, size and cost advantages this product brings, including 2.4 GHz radio supporting BLE 5, brand and IP protection, ultra-low power and much more.


2G/3G Cellular-to-Cloud STM32 Discovery packs

Spoiler alert! We are showcasing our soon to be available STM32-C2C pack, a one-stop cellular-to-cloud new connectivity solution. Tomas, Ronan and Wojciech from our partner AVSystem will talk you through our kit, addressing 2/3G and LTE IoT solutions and supporting Espruino for web developers!


Complete full-featured STM32 IDE solution (now free of charge!)

If you are interested in a getting a commercial-grade STM32 IDE free of charge, check out this video!  Mattias from the recently acquired Atollic team runs through the key features of this tool essential for anyone needing a reliable and easy-to-use development environment.


ST33 Automotive TPM for the secure car connectivity

Thierry tells us about the ST33GTPMA, a fully certifiable tamper-resistant secure microcontroller with turnkey automotive Trusted Platform Module software, securing connectivity within your vehicle and between your vehicle and the network.


New powerful ST25DV-W NFC element with PWM

Check out our cool LED demo of the ST25DV02K-W dynamic NFC tag which combines industrial robustness of ISO/IEC 15693 contactless interface on one side with a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) output signal on the other – simplifying your design and speeding your time to market!


Teseo-LIV3F, a tiny GNSS module

Think automotive-level robustness geared at any application needing to know where they are in the world! Karim tells us about the Teseo-LIV3F which embeds our Teseo III standalone chip and also includes everything else needed to add location awareness to your devices!


Ground-breaking STM32CubeMX.AI tool to map neural networks

Danilo explains STM32CubeMX.AI which he believes is a real game changer in that it will help our customers become more productive and more efficient by porting any pre trained artificial neural network on any STM32 micro controller, bringing your AI to the IoT!


Discover the innovative ecosystem of the ST Partner Program

We’ve been working hard to formalize our partnerships with key companies in the innovation ecosystem and Yves explains the impact that the program has made and how that is visible here in Embedded World!


Secure Smart Gateway with SPC58 automotive MCUs

Federico tells us about how the SPC58 Chorus family provides scalable, connected and secure solutions for the automotive industry with a special focus on securing network gateways.