Pulp and Paper

These additives are designed for Pulp & Paper.

Pulp & Paper


  • Foamclean G,M,W series
    Foamclean G and M series are full range of formulated products designed to control bubble and foam in pulp and paper industry.
    Foamclean G series are used for pulping process and Foamclean M series are used for paper making process. Foamclean W series are used for waste water of pulp & paper industry and any other industries.

Deposit Control Aid/Detergent

  • Deponax P series
    Deponax P series are used to control and remove various scale and pitch deposits in pulp & paper process. Deponax P series are special combination products of dispersant, detackifier, and surfactant. Deponax P series offer maximum cleanliness to system and keep better machine runnability.

Felt Conditioner

  • Presskeep F, FN, FU, DS series
    Presskeep F, FN, FU, DS series are used to keep cleanliness of press section in paper making process. These products have excellent ability to control deposit accumulation, to keep the press performance with maximum water removal, and to weaken adhesive strength between paper and press roll.
    Presskeep series offers stable and maxium performance of the press section.


  • Slaclean B series, Leptocide
    Slaclean B series and Leptocide are used to prevent slime deposit in pulp and paper process, and to preserve starch and coating color from decay.

Lime Mud Dewatering Aid

  • Filter Aid series
    Filter Aid series are used to improving dewatering performance of lime mud filter in causticizing process, and contribute to save energy cost for lime kiln.

Craping Aid

  • Hakulead series, Hakuace YR series
    Hakulead series and Hakuace YR series are used to crape tissue and toilet paper with softness.
    Hakulead series and Hakuace YR series can offer excellent paper quality.

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