Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
    We will strictly comply with Act on the Protection of personal information and other relative laws and regulations and rules with regard to handling of personal information,
  2. Acquisition and Utilization of Personal Information
    We will acquire personal information through proper means indicating the purpose of its use previously, and such personal information shall be used strictly within the scope and extent necessary to accomplish the purpose.
  3. Prohibition of Disclosure to Third Parties
    We will not disclose personal information to any third parties unless we have received prior consent of its discloser or the disclosure is permitted by law.
  4. Supervision of the Entrusted Third Party
    When we entrust handling of the personal information to any third party within the scope and extent necessary to accomplish the purpose, we will exercise necessary and proper supervision toward such entrusted third party in order to protect personal information.
  5. Measures for Safe Administration
    We will maintain personal information in correct and updated status and take proper and reasonable measures to prevent personal information from, including but not limited to, unauthorized access, loss, damage, and alteration or leakage.
  6. Continuous Review and Improvement
    In compliance with the changes in social circumstances with respect to handling of personal information in the future, we will continuously review our related internal policy and rules and, if necessary, improve our efforts to protect personal information.


Handling of Personal Information

Purposes for Use of the Personal Information

We will use personal information for the purposes as prescribed below in our business fields of electronic / electric equipment, electronic components, optical equipment and industrial chemicals ;

  1. Personal Information of our Business Partners
    (1) Business activities such as correspondence, negotiation, meeting, order placement and acceptance and payment and other process(2) Business activities such as supply and/or purchase of products or services
  2. Personal Information with respect to Officers of Government Organization or its Agents
    Necessary business communication, inquiry or report to Government Organization
  3. Personal Information with respect to Customers
    Response to those inquiries from our customers received through our website, e-mail, telephone, facsimile, or mail.
  4. Personal Information with respect to Share Holders
    (1) Exercise of the right and obligation under the Companies Act(2) Offer of convenience and other advantages to our share holders(3) Management of our share holders such as making share holders data based on relative laws and regulations
  5. Personal Information with respect to Applicants for Employment
    (1) Offering information for employment and communication, consideration and decision of employment(2) Communication and offer of a certain information for official employment after an in formal decision of employment