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FireflySci / Spectrophotometer Cuvettes, Fluorometer Cuvettes, Disposable/Plastic Cuvettes, Accessories & UV/VIS/NIR Calibration Standards for Spectrophotometers

The FireflySci factory, has since become well known for its high quality silica glass products, ranging from raw materials to high precision final products. Each cuvette is thoroughly inspected through meticulous quality control system, against the industry’s highest standards. FireflySci been supplying reputable researchers and laboratories with standard and specialized cuvettes for many decades. FireflySci…

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OTO Photonics / Spectrometer

OTO Photonics focuses on the development of microspectrometers and the applications of spectral technologies.  With strong expertise in optical design, MEMS technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software development, OTO Photonics offers complete solutions to customers by integrating spectral technologies with expertise in different areas.

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