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Build your BLE and Motor Control designs in minutes – 25 September 2018

STM32 Open Development Environment news from STMicroelectronics   Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: Motor Control IoT Wireless Connectivity Industrial Aerospace   Build a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Mesh network in minutes Here’s a complete hardware and software sample implementation to help you build a Bluetooth SIG Mesh Profile 1.0 Certified mesh network.…

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Tiny USB-C controller, ultra-low-noise LDO, secure NFC tags, and more – 06 September 2018

Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: Aerospace Industrial Wireless Automotive Motor control   FEATURED PRODUCT Standalone USB-C and PD sink controller Migrate from USB STD-B, micro-B or custom power plugs to a USB-C connector with our tiny, safe, certified, and easily customizable STUSB4500 Power Delivery controller. Order our ready-to-use evaluation board or…

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STM32WB无线MCU驾到,电机控制SDK5.0详解 – 29 August 2018

2018年STM32研讨会热点曝光 STM32WB双核无线MCU ST全新电机控制软件库SDK5.0 STM32物联网应用更新   STM32WB双核无线MCU STM32WB为支持无线功能的双核 MCU,内嵌 工作频率为 64 MHz 的 Arm® Cortex®-M4 内核【应用处理器】和工作频率为 32 MHz 的 Arm® Cortex®-M0+ 内核【网络处理器】,是首款内置BLE的双核STM32,具备先进的射频性能。   STM32电机控制SDK5.0 基于ST上一代永磁同步电机(PMSM)矢量控制(FOC)SDK,5.0 新版固件库结合STM32Cube硬件抽象层和底层架构,简化电机驱动电路的开发、定制和调试过程。此外,免费使用源代码让开发人员能灵活设计应用方案,加强电机的控制和定制功能。   STM32生态助推中国物联网发展 STM32 AliOS认证 STM32CubeMX AliOS插件 STM32云接入方案(百度云/阿里云/机智云/AWS/AZURE) STM32无线接入方案 (NB-IoT/LoRa/WiFi)   STM32中文官网 STM32本地活动、产品选型、设计及培训资料下载

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