Build your BLE and Motor Control designs in minutes – 25 September 2018

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Build a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Mesh network in minutes

Here’s a complete hardware and software sample implementation to help you build a Bluetooth SIG Mesh Profile 1.0 Certified mesh network.


Your smart gear will never be power hungry again

With this STM32Cube function pack, BLE connectivity and sensor data consume up to 90% less power than previous implementations.


Compact 2-axis brush DC motor control board

Develop and evaluate your thermal printer or toy robot projects with this STM32 ODE expansion board and associated STM32Cube software.


Spin your 3-phase brushless motor in minutes

Using this STSPIN830-based STM32 ODE expansion board and companion STM32Cube software, developing your project couldn’t be easier.


Motor control resources

Discover our products and solutions for developing motor control applications for a wide range of use cases and requirements.


Wireless connectivity resources

Explore our optimized solutions for all flavors of wireless connectivity. Transceivers, SoCs, baluns and a full set of evaluation/development tools.




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