Hakuto’s Ion Beam Milling (Etching) System

Introducing Hakuto’s Ion Beam Milling (Etching) System which is an optimal etching technology for Magnetic materials, Gold, Platinum, Alloyed metals, and Compound semiconductor materials.


  • Capable to etch any materials, including hard to etch materials(Magnetic and some dielectric materials, Metals).
  • Etching gas is Ar only. (Toxic Gas free).
  • Provides excellent etching uniformity.
  • Flexibility for the etching condition.
  • No need to change the recipe for each layer of multilayer stacks as seen in Spintronics. (only one recipe is enough)
  • Excellent cooling system for substrate.
  • No grease is required to fix the substrate.
  • Several different sizes of substrate available.
  • Easy to customize  based on customer’s needs and budget.
  • End point detector (Optional)*

Few examples of target application:

  • Thin film magnetic head
  • RF devices / SAW Device
  • Spintronics
  • Optical component
  • MR Sensor
  • Super conductivity
  • MEMs

Evaluation services to Etch customer’s samples can be provided upon request.