Tiny USB-C controller, ultra-low-noise LDO, secure NFC tags, and more – 06 September 2018


Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: Aerospace Industrial Wireless Automotive Motor control   FEATURED PRODUCT Standalone USB-C and PD sink controller Migrate from USB STD-B, micro-B or custom power plugs to a USB-C connector with our tiny, safe, certified, and easily customizable STUSB4500 Power Delivery controller. Order our ready-to-use evaluation board or…

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STM32WB无线MCU驾到,电机控制SDK5.0详解 – 29 August 2018


2018年STM32研讨会热点曝光 STM32WB双核无线MCU ST全新电机控制软件库SDK5.0 STM32物联网应用更新   STM32WB双核无线MCU STM32WB为支持无线功能的双核 MCU,内嵌 工作频率为 64 MHz 的 Arm® Cortex®-M4 内核【应用处理器】和工作频率为 32 MHz 的 Arm® Cortex®-M0+ 内核【网络处理器】,是首款内置BLE的双核STM32,具备先进的射频性能。   STM32电机控制SDK5.0 基于ST上一代永磁同步电机(PMSM)矢量控制(FOC)SDK,5.0 新版固件库结合STM32Cube硬件抽象层和底层架构,简化电机驱动电路的开发、定制和调试过程。此外,免费使用源代码让开发人员能灵活设计应用方案,加强电机的控制和定制功能。   STM32生态助推中国物联网发展 STM32 AliOS认证 STM32CubeMX AliOS插件 STM32云接入方案(百度云/阿里云/机智云/AWS/AZURE) STM32无线接入方案 (NB-IoT/LoRa/WiFi)   STM32中文官网 STM32本地活动、产品选型、设计及培训资料下载

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STM32 Cell2Cloud Discovery packs, tiny NFC tags, LV motor driver, and more – 25 July 2018


Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: Aerospace Industrial Wireless Automotive Motor control   FEATURED PRODUCT STM32 Cell2Cloud Discovery packs Start prototyping IoT devices based on cellular connectivity. Based on ultra-low-power STM32L4 MCUs. 2G/3G and LTE versions available.   NEW PRODUCT STSPIN233 Low-voltage brushless DC monolithic motor driver From 1.8 to 10 V…

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Aerospace news from STMicroelectronics – 20 July 2018


Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: IoT Industrial Wireless Automotive Motor control   FEATURED PRODUCT New generation of power diodes for Space ST is expecting the ESCC qualification of the first 3 members of its new generation of Space Diodes series with the July release of the European Qualified Part List and…

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Cellular STM32 packs, Bluetooth 5 SoC, smallest ESD protection and more – 07 July 2018


Welcome Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: Motor Control IoT Wireless Connectivity Industrial Aerospace Automotive   FEATURED SERIES FERD technology outperforms Schottky diodes The Field Effect Rectifiers Diodes (FERD) offer an improved VF/IR trade-off and higher current ratings in smaller packages. They feature a better controlled leakage current than the most recent…

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INAPALM ASIA 2018 – 25th to 27th July 2018


Hakuto Singapore Pte Ltd will be participating in “INAPALM ASIA 2018”.   Dates : 25th July 2018 (Wednesday) – 27th July 2018 (Friday) Venue : Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo). Jl. Benyamin Sueb No. 12. Pademangan, Jakarta Utara,Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14410 Booth : A3M4-02 On Display : 3nh, Fringoe, Hamamatsu Photonics, OTO Photonics Link :…

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STM32Cube for AVS, SIL safety design pack, USB-C TCPM solutions, STM32 boards with crypto, and more – 14 June 2018


Welcome In this month’s newsletter: 4 New software 2 New board 2 New video 1 Blog posts 18 Events   FEATURED SOFTWARE STM32Cube software pack for connecting to Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Ready-to-use AVS connectivity SDK for Cloud-based intelligence and voice control framework running on an STM32 platform.   NEW SOFTWARE New free SIL safety-design…

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STM32 Nucleo with crypto, Intelligent power switch, lowest RDSon MOSFET, security-on-a-chip for IoT, and more – 08 June 2018


Welcome In this month’s newsletter: 1 Featured product 5 New products 2 New board 1 New resource 2 Blog posts 2 Mobile apps 20 Events   FEATURED PRODUCT High-speed quad low-side IPS with rich diagnostics Able to drive four loads, the IPS4260L intelligent power switch offers built-in protection mechanisms in a space-efficient, thermally enhanced package.…

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Industrial inclinometer, 6-axis inertial module, 3D digital magnetic sensor, MEMS adapter board with STM32, and more – 31 May 2018


Welcome In this month’s newsletter: 1 Featured product 3 New products 1 New board 1 Featured resource 1 New video 3 Blog posts 5 Events   FEATURED PRODUCT First 10-year longevity accelerometer with high inclination accuracy This 3D ultra-low-noise sensor offers 10-year longevity commitment for high-precision inclinometers in industrial antenna pointing/stabilization and leveling applications.  …

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Industrial inclinometers, STM32 security pack, Industry 4.0, robust datalogging, and more – 28 May 2018


Welcome In this month’s newsletter: 5 New products 1 New software 2 New boards 1 New Motor Control resource 1 New mobile app 1 Blog post 14 Events, courses and webinars FEATURED PRODUCTS Low-noise 3D sensor high-accuracy industrial inclinometers Ensures high inclination accuracy for orienting stationary or mobile antennas for optimized signal reception in all…

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