Hamamatsu Photonics K.K’s LC-L5G linear irradiation type UV-LED units


Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has expanded the lineup of its Lightningcure LC-L5G linear irradiation type UV-LED units for drying UV adhesives and UV coatings by introducing the new GC series. The GC series features a thin profile, low power consumption, and a connectable structure that allows multiple units to be connected to cover wider printer formats.…

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Automotive and Transportation news from ST – 14 September 2016


ST’s automotive-grade regulator evaluation boards help you keep kids happy in cars Designed for 3.3 V fixed outputs, the STEVAL-ISA185V1 evaluation board is based on our A6985F3V3 synchronous step-down switching regulator that can deliver up to 0.5 A and, with its 100% duty cycle ability to withstand cold crank events and wide input operating voltage…

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News & Updates from ST – 08 September 2016


STSPIN low-voltage stepper motor driver delivers best-in-class performance Optimized for battery-powered systems in terms of low input voltage (down to 1.8 V), low noise, and minimal power consumption at full load as well as in standby conditions (less than 80 nA), ST’s STSPIN220 low-voltage stepper motor driver provides accurate positioning and unprecedented smoothness of motion…

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Shin-Etsu Capacitive Sensor Sheet


Topics Capacitive Sensor Sheet FPC packing for Water proof Integrated Molding with Silicon material   Introduction Shin-Etsu Capacitive sensor sheet – It offers more creative freedom for product surface and shape. Waterproofing technology for FPC packaging and All in one integrated molding with Silicone material.  

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STM32 ODE news from ST – 01 September 2016


A handy set of signal conditioning solutions for your lab The X-NUCLEO-IKA01A1 is a multifunctional expansion board based on ST’s operational amplifiers arranged in a set of pre-defined, commonly-found configurations for signal conditioning in your STM32 ODE project. If you need – for instance – a highly accurate current sensing circuit, here’s one based on…

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Microcontroller news from STMicroelectronics – 31 August 2016


Ultra-low-power STM8L152 now available in tiny WLCSP32 package Targeting battery-powered applications with a strong space constraint such as sensors, mobile devices, wearables or their accessories, the STM8L152K8Y6TR in a WLCSP32 package offers a tiny footprint of 1.9 x 3.3 mm and only consumes 400 nA in the lowest power mode and 200 μA/MHz in run…

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Hakuto’s Ion Beam Milling (Etching) System


Introducing Hakuto’s Ion Beam Milling (Etching) System which is an optimal etching technology for Magnetic materials, Gold, Platinum, Alloyed metals, and Compound semiconductor materials.   Features: Capable to etch any materials, including hard to etch materials(Magnetic and some dielectric materials, Metals). Etching gas is Ar only. (Toxic Gas free). Provides excellent etching uniformity. Flexibility for…

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Power Management news from ST – 20 July 2016


Build smarter power supplies with green energy management The STEVAL-ISA177V1 evaluation board implements a wide-range converter in flyback non-isolated topology, delivering 0.85 A on a 5 V output based on ST’s new VIPer01 offline high-voltage converter from the VIPerPlus range that integrates an 800 V rugged power MOSFET with PWM current-mode control. The board’s main…

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News and Updates from STMicroelectronics – 07 July 2016


Maximize battery life and lifespan with advanced charger management IC The STBC02 battery-charger management chip improves integration without compromising performance and power consumption. It combines a linear battery charger, a 150 mA LDO, two SPDT switches, a smart reset/watchdog, automatic power path management and a battery protection circuit. The STBC02 improves battery life and offers…

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Microcontroller news from STMicroelectronics – 29 Jun 2016


Now possible to develop for STM32 on all major PC operating systems The latest releases of our STM32CubeMX configurator tool and IDE System Workbench for STM32 (SW4STM32) now run under Windows, Linux and OS X, making it easier for customers to develop for STM32, without leaving the desktop OS of their choice. All software development…

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