STM32 ODE news from STMicroelectronics – 26 October 2016


Complete hardware and software solution to quickly build a Contiki sensor network   The STM32 Open Development Environment (ODE) provides developers with end-to-end solutions to explore and validate design concepts leveraging an extensive set of hardware and software that help add functionalities and scale-up your project. Today developers can easily create a Contiki 6LoWPAN, sub-GHz…

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IoT news from STMicroelectronics – 20 October 2016


Harvest the maximum power from ambient energy and charge your IoT devices Ensure full power autonomy of a wireless sensor node or wearables by charging any battery type or supercap using ST’s STEVAL-IDS002V1, a fully configurable autonomous wireless sensor node. Based on ST’s SPV1050 ultra-low-power PV and TEG energy harvester and battery charger, the kit…

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Motor Control news from STMicroelectronics – 12 October 2016


Low-voltage 3-phase BLDC motor driver features standby consumption down to 80 nA The STSPIN230 motor driver integrates control logic and a triple half-bridge low RDS(on) power stage in a small 3×3 mm QFN  package. It operates from an input voltage as low as 1.8 V, over a wide current and temperature range, making it ideal…

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News & Updates from STMicroelectronics – 05 October 2016


High-efficiency wireless battery-charging chipset for wearables The combination of ST’s STWBC-WA charging-transmitter controller and STWLC04 wireless battery-charger receiver enables power transfers up to 1 W with smaller coils than any other chipsets: just 11 mm diameter coils on the receive side and 20 mm for the transmitter allow slimmer form factors. The fully-featured chipset supports…

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Microcontroller news from ST – 29 September 2016


Discover the extended capabilities of high-performance Access line STM32F4 MCUs The STM32F412 Discovery kit (32F412GDISCOVERY) comes with an Access line STM32F412 microcontroller from ST’s high-performance STM32F4 series in a 144-pin LQFP package. The board comes loaded with a color touchscreen, joystick, stereo MEMS microphones, external memory capabilities, full-speed OTG USB interface, and more! Developers will…

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Power Management news from ST – 22 September 2016


New three output isolated flyback converter for smart meter and powerline systems The STEVAL-ISA175V1 evaluation board implements an isolated flyback topology designed to supply the STCOMET smart meter and powerline communication systems. Based on the energy-saving VIPER26HD offline high-voltage converter, the board provides a triple output voltage and operates across an extended 90 to 440…

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Microcontroller news from STMicroelectronics – 22 September 2016


超低功耗STM8L152现提供小型WLCSP32封装 采用WLCSP32封装的STM8L152K8Y6TR专门针对空间非常有限的电池供电应用(如传感器、移动设备、可穿戴设备或其附件),其尺寸极小,可达到1.9 x 3.3 mm,最低功耗模式下耗电量仅为400 nA,运行模式下功耗为200 μA/MHz。其前七排焊球的布局与之前的28焊球WLCSP版本的焊球布局完全匹配;从而确保可轻松从16 KB Flash存储器器件移植到64 KB Flash存储器器件。   STM32加密固件库现已通过FIPS认证,可供使用 STM32加密库软件包(X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB)现已通过依照美国加密算法验证程序(CAVP)进行的FIPS认证。加密库已可用于基于STM32的应用,包括 IoT、POS或智能表计,加密库中包含所有主要的加密算法、哈希算法、消息认证以及数字签名算法,可帮助客户以低成本快速证明其新产品的安全性。   全新纤薄型Nucleo-32开发板适用于低成本的超低功耗STM32L4解决方案 超低功耗STM32L432KC MCU提供的合理化外设集可实现成本优化解决方案,您可以利用基于该MCU的NUCLEO-L432K开发板试验新概念并构建原型。该开发板不仅是一种探索MCU优势和特性的价格低廉、灵活的方法,其纤薄的外形也令开发人员赞不绝口,它是第一款集成了新型QFN32封装的Nucleo-32板件,并可直接访问ARM® mbed在线工具。   首届STM32粉丝狂欢节 (9月12日- 12月31日) STM32中文官网 ( 全新改版,特携手STM32中文社区及STM32中文论坛联袂呈现首届STM32粉丝狂欢节,历时4个月,共计24波打赏回馈mySTM32会员,每月逾150个中奖名额。   18亿颗STM32:推动创新,见证未来 – STM32全国研讨会热烈进行中 2016年STM32全国研讨会已于9月7日正式开跑,将历时半月在12城市进行巡回。本年度研讨会再次受到STM32广大客户、粉丝及生态系统合作伙伴的热捧,在已进行的数个城市均创下历年参加人数新记录。报名仍旧开放中,请勿错过!   了解如何获益于STM32L4在超低功耗方面的性能 这份电子演示文稿重点介绍了STM32L4新架构所具备的高度灵活性如何在其80 MHz主频 ARM® Cortex®-M4内核(具有FPU和ST ART加速器)提高性能的同时确保实现一流的超低功耗数据。其智能外设和创新性安全功能可降低BOM成本并提高集成度。除了新增的Shutdown模式功耗低至8 nA这一特性之外,该系列器件的优势还包括与STM32系列以及整个STM32开发生态系统实现引脚兼容。   了解如何使用STM32Cube在10分钟之内开发应用 这段视频通过一个简单的例子介绍了如何使用STM32CubeMX图形软件配置工具配置和生成代码、编辑和调试以及估算功耗,视频中的示例会在PC中显示跟踪消息,这段消息是STM32 Nucleo开发板通过其虚拟COM端口发送的。这段视频涵盖了软件安装的所有步骤,借助STM32CubeMX工具可极大地简化安装过程。   只需六分钟即可了解我们的USB Type-C和电力传输解决方案 本段视频介绍了在STM32F0微控制器上运行的意法半导体嵌入式软件解决方案,该解决方案使用新推出的USB Type-C可逆连接器和电力传输通信协议开发应用。视频介绍了通过USB-IF认证的USB Type-C和电力传输协议栈(X-CUBE-USB-PD)的特点和优势,并介绍了相关的STM32 Nucleo开发工具(P-NUCLEO-USB001)。

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Hamamatsu Photonics K.K’s LC-L5G linear irradiation type UV-LED units


Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has expanded the lineup of its Lightningcure LC-L5G linear irradiation type UV-LED units for drying UV adhesives and UV coatings by introducing the new GC series. The GC series features a thin profile, low power consumption, and a connectable structure that allows multiple units to be connected to cover wider printer formats.…

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Automotive and Transportation news from ST – 14 September 2016


ST’s automotive-grade regulator evaluation boards help you keep kids happy in cars Designed for 3.3 V fixed outputs, the STEVAL-ISA185V1 evaluation board is based on our A6985F3V3 synchronous step-down switching regulator that can deliver up to 0.5 A and, with its 100% duty cycle ability to withstand cold crank events and wide input operating voltage…

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News & Updates from ST – 08 September 2016


STSPIN low-voltage stepper motor driver delivers best-in-class performance Optimized for battery-powered systems in terms of low input voltage (down to 1.8 V), low noise, and minimal power consumption at full load as well as in standby conditions (less than 80 nA), ST’s STSPIN220 low-voltage stepper motor driver provides accurate positioning and unprecedented smoothness of motion…

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