KALMOR / Ceramic filter device for exhaust [Zeogaia]

We have a comprehensive deodorizing products from Kalmor that handles from smell measurements to deodorizing countermeasures in total. First in the industry! Ceramic filter device for kitchen/roof exhaust. An exhaust filter that pursues compactness, high performance, and ease of maintenance, with ease of incorporation into the design as the first priority.

It is a highly reliable device that has exceeded the cumulative total of 22,456 (as of 2020.4) delivered.

The ceramic filter developed exclusively for kitchen, cooking and flavor & fragrance odors has a certain ability, such as being replaced with existing equipment where complaints have occurred in the neighborhood. Extensive knowledge and experience cultivated so far, and utilizing excellent technology and equipment, Kalmor have more attractive odor control products.

Link: https://www.hakuto.com.sg/bb-products/chemicals-and-cosmetics/kalmor/