Multi-sensor reference design, Time-of-Flight toolchain, and more – 21 November 2018

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Always-on IMU improves accuracy, optimizes system power

Extremely power efficient and accurate, the LSM6DSO iNEMO 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope system-in-package makes the entire embedded system around it more power efficient.



Ultra-low-power, high-resolution 3D motion sensor for industrial applications

Able to change operating modes on the fly, from low power to high resolution, the IIS2DLPC enables higher equipment performance within a limited energy budget.


Ultra-compact pressure sensor for high accuracy vertical positioning

The LPS22HH provides precise pressure accuracy, less pressure drift by temperature changing and low RMS noise for accurate vertical position monitoring.


New ultra-compact top-port MEMS microphone with IC interface

A low-power, omnidirectional, digital MEMS microphone, the IMP34DT05 offers best-in-class audio fidelity (THD) and enhanced ESD protection. Part of ST’s 10 years longevity program.



Predictive maintenance reference design with sensors and IO-Link capability

The industrial-grade STEVAL-BF001V1B multi-sensor kit enables predictive maintenance in factory automation. Wide range of resources available.



Sensing solution resource hub is a technical platform for engineers

Discover our latest products, hardware and software tools and reference designs to help bring your sensing solutions to life.



Get started with our ready-to-use MEMS sensor evaluation platform

This 8-minute video shows our ProfiMEMS motherboard which acts as a bridge between the sensors and a PC using a GUI and dedicated software routines for customized applications.


Time-of-Flight VL53L1X: Download, Compile, Debug

Complete toolchain helps you develop applications with our long-distance VL53L1X Time-of-Flight ranging sensor.


People Counting Using a Single ST Time-of-Flight Sensor

Real-life use case of counting people as they enter/exit a room. This tiny laser-ranging sensor is accurate up to 4 m.



MEMS sensors are coming to industrial applications

ST showcases its latest MEMS sensors at Electronica. See how our innovative MEMS technology is making its way into industrial applications.


An STM32F7 at 200 mph! Check out the 2019 Hornet Hyperloop pod

Students develop a self-propelling, high-speed transport pod for the SpaceX Hyperloop competition.




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