SHARP / Plasmacluster Ionizer

Sharp’s revolutionary Plasmacluster technology has been proven to be effective against suspending viruses and microbes that contaminate our air, leaving air cleaner and healthier.

Plasmacluster technology generates and emits the same positive and negative ions that occur in nature. After purifying the air, the ions turn to water and return to the air.

Providing you with fresh air and a healthy environment. Positive and negative ions make air clean and life comfortable.

Purifies Air
Eliminates airborne mold and suppresses activity of adhering viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Eliminates Odour
Breaks down and eliminates adhering odours from tobacco smoke, cooking smell and pet odour.

Reduces Static Electricity
Plasmacluster ions reduce static electricity, preventing pollen and airborne dust from clinging to curtains, clothing and other surfaces.

Beautifies Skin
Water molecules produced by PCI adhere to the surface of the skin, forming a coating which maintains moisture of the skin.

Sharp is constantly developing new ways that Plasmacluster can bring benefits to society.