STM32 Cell2Cloud Discovery packs, tiny NFC tags, LV motor driver, and more – 25 July 2018

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STM32 Cell2Cloud Discovery packs

Start prototyping IoT devices based on cellular connectivity. Based on ultra-low-power STM32L4 MCUs. 2G/3G and LTE versions available.



STSPIN233 Low-voltage brushless DC monolithic motor driver

From 1.8 to 10 V with best-in-class standby consumption down to 80 nA for long battery life. Full protection set. Showcase video.


Dynamic NFC tags now available in WLCSP package to fit thin, tiny housings

Versatile ST25DV-I2C dynamic NFC/RFID tag ICs offer energy harvesting, 64-bit password protection and access to Low-power mode.


Digital controller for wireless battery charger transmitters for wearables

Optimized for ultra-compact battery-operated devices. Compliant with the leading standards. Turnkey solution for quick design.


Sigfox-ready, ultra-low-power sub-1GHz RF board for STM32 Nucleo

Discover how simple it is to control your next IoT device with our new board based on the S2-LP transceiver.


STM32F7 and H7 Value lines: Possibilities flourish with trimmed Flash memory

New STM32F7 and STM32H7 Value line MCUs trim embedded Flash to the essential to give extra flexibility for affordable performance-oriented systems.


Ultra-low-power Sigfox IoT modules with dual-RF connectivity

Jorjin’s WS211x is a fully programmable Sigfox/BLE IoT node offering great connectivity and extended battery life.



SensorTile capstone projects, see what universities and ST can do together

With full hands-on SensorTile-based curriculum, students learn how to process sensor data to design smart IoT applications.



Discover our comprehensive offer for wearables

Developers can find out about our wireless connectivity, power management and MEMS solutions for designing exciting and smart gear.



New brochure showcases ST’s NFC solutions and dev tools



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