Motor Control news from STMicroelectronics – 25 January 2018


The smallest 45 V / 256 microsteps motor driver The STSPIN820 is the smallest 45 V motor driver in the world that can achieve a resolution of up to 256 microsteps. To achieve a high resolution of 256 microsteps, ST had to develop an advanced and precise PWM current control algorithm. ST’s advanced algorithms are…

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Smart 6LoWPAN sub-1GHz RF connectivity, tiny battery-charger ICs, and more 17 January 2018


Ultra-low-power sub-1GHz RF transceiver for efficient data uploads The high-performance, ultra-low power S2-LP RF transceiver is specifically designed to connect networked devices as well as long-range radio links in the sub-1 GHz band directly to the cloud without a local gateway and extending battery lifetime up to 10 years. Its RF link budget is higher…

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IoT robotic ear, STM32L4+ kit for round GUIs, secure wearable payments, and more – 11 January 2018


Try our new advanced 3-phase BLDC driver for smart low-voltage motor control The STEVAL-SPIN3202 evaluation board lets you explore the new STSPIN32F0A SiP for intelligent motor control in high-end consumer applications from 6.7 to 45 V such as portable vacuum cleaners, fans and power tools. The device combines an STM32F0 MCU and an advanced 3-phase…

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Full list of developer resources for ST’s new ultra-low-power STM32L4+ MCUs – 20 December 2017


STM32L4+ gives you the best of ultra-low power with more performance, memory and graphics Stretching performance to 150 DMIPS (233 ULPMark-CP) at 120 MHz, our record-breaking STM32L4+ ultra-low power microcontrollers offer a unique power-to-performance ratio as well as richer graphics and more memory (up to 2 Mbytes of Flash memory and 640 Kbytes of SRAM).  …

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Automotive news from STMicroelectronics – 14 December 2017


Raise ruggedness, stability and efficiency with new 36 V op amps The TSB572 and TSB611 high-voltage op amps feature a wide supply-voltage range, stability in challenging operating conditions, and ESD up to 4 kV (HBM) to help ensure peace of mind for designers. Developers can also use our eDesignSuite, an easy-to-use comprehensive smart simulator and…

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全新的STM32L4+ MCU、STM32 Power Shield可执行ULPBench测试、 更多精选实例 – 10 December 2017


新型STM32L4+ 系列MCU使下一代智能产品功能更多、功耗更少 新型STM32L4+器件 – 新一代STM32L4系列将性能扩展至120 MHz时的150 DMIPS(233 ULPMark-CP) – 可作为中央控制器,应用于各种健身带、智能手表、小型医疗设备、智能仪表、智能工业传感器以及其它更多产品。了解更多 或者现在订购STM32L4R9VI   STM32 Power Shield启用了新型ULPMark外设配备基准 用于嵌入式微控制器的EEMBC的新版本ULPBench,开始聚焦于外设的功耗,包括ADC、SPI、带PWM的定时器和RTC。使用我们具有STM32 Power Shield功能的新型图形软件工具(STM32CUBEMON-PWR)执行ULPBench测试,制造商能够公布供电低于3.0 V的测试分数。您将会看到STM32产品在任何电压下都处于领先地位,包括在1.8 V内核工作的情形。   EEMBC批准的功率监控技术,用于能耗敏感的解决方案 为精确检查嵌入式设计的功耗,STM32 Power Shield(X-NUCLEO-LPM01A)是IoT端点等超低功耗器件的实用测量工具。除了测量静态电流,它还能动态监控从100 nA到50 mA的电流并直接计算EEMBC ULPMark分数。扩展的GUI界面将捕获的数据可视化,便于做出明智的选择。   精选实例 基于STM32F4,供音乐家使用的便携式音响工作站 FingerSonic的新型EXP1包括您所需要的一切:鼓、复古低音线、复音合成器和特效。它的设计非常直观,提供了14个零部件的格式音序器和3个琶音器,确保在合理的外形尺寸下实现顶级合成和音质。EXP1充分使用了STM32F4 DSP和FPU指令,深度优化的固件可实时产生高达15种声音。   ST提升PIQ运动智能,助力可穿戴设备 在本视频中,法国领先的运动机器人创业公司PIQ Sport Intelligence的首席技术官Fernando Romao为我们讲述了他的“PIQ机器人”以及ST的产品和工程师如何帮助他和他的公司开发运动可穿戴设备的最新解决方案。现在观看   Wizzilab – 使用STM32,万物相连 在本视频中,WIZZILAB的首席执行官Michael Andre演示了他们LPWAN技术的三重堆栈解决方案,它构建于开放的STM32开发平台之上,具有专用的屏蔽板和多模固件堆栈,可涵盖D7A、D7A-LoRa、LoRa和Sigfox标准。在WIZZILAB,他们相信升级IoT设备上的软件将是接下来的一个重要功能,他们为我们展示了WIZZILAB产品多么易于使用。现在观看   精选视频 开始使用我们全新的STM32 Power Shield 仅需要4分钟即可探索ST的单机解决方案,它可在不同的工作环境下测量功耗。内置的显示会动态监测电流,而不需要万用表。它是测试IoT端点等具有严格功耗限制的小型设备的理想选择。现在观看   最新博客文章 超低功耗测量的新参考 本博客展示了嵌入式微处理器基准联盟(EEMBC)的决定,他们正式将超低功耗测量参考平台更改为STM32…

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Aerospace news from STMicroelectronics – 23 November 2017


Recently QML-V qualified products Rad-hard differential amplifier simplifies data acquisition chain design The RHF200 rad-hard differential amplifier features wide bandwidth (420 MHz), high input impedance and wide common range to perfectly fit a data acquisition chain from CCD and many other sensors in satellites in single-ended or differential mode. Proven to 300 krad (Si) in…

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MEMS Sensors news 2017- 18 October 2017


10-bar, water-resistant MEMS pressure sensor ideal for harsh environments Not only water-resistant, the ultra-compact LPS33HW shows resistance to chemicals like chlorine, bromine and salt water, making it the ideal sensor for swimming in pools or the sea. It is also resistant to soaps and detergents used when showering or cleaning. Gel inside the IC contributes…

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STM32 Nucleo gas sensor, turnkey NFC mobile platforms, energy-saving DC-DC switching regulators and more – 04 October 2017


Energy-saving synchronous DC-DC switching regulators The L6986, L6986F and L6985F step-down monolithic switching regulators with synchronous rectification help achieve the highest efficiency with a very low quiescent and a low consumption mode specific for light load conditions. Available in a space-saving 16-pin HTSSOP package, they come with three different maximum output current capabilities from 0.5…

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Find out more about our enhanced 3rd-party partner program – 02 October 2017


ST has strengthened its ecosystem through a Partner Program that connects customers with qualified technical specialists capable of strategically supporting their projects. The new ST Partner Program helps customers’ design teams access extra skills, products, and services to aid engineering development and shorten time-to-market for new products. To ensure high standards are maintained, potential partners…

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