Tiny USB-C controller, ultra-low-noise LDO, secure NFC tags, and more – 06 September 2018


Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: Aerospace Industrial Wireless Automotive Motor control   FEATURED PRODUCT Standalone USB-C and PD sink controller Migrate from USB STD-B, micro-B or custom power plugs to a USB-C connector with our tiny, safe, certified, and easily customizable STUSB4500 Power Delivery controller. Order our ready-to-use evaluation board or…

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STM32WB无线MCU驾到,电机控制SDK5.0详解 – 29 August 2018


2018年STM32研讨会热点曝光 STM32WB双核无线MCU ST全新电机控制软件库SDK5.0 STM32物联网应用更新   STM32WB双核无线MCU STM32WB为支持无线功能的双核 MCU,内嵌 工作频率为 64 MHz 的 Arm® Cortex®-M4 内核【应用处理器】和工作频率为 32 MHz 的 Arm® Cortex®-M0+ 内核【网络处理器】,是首款内置BLE的双核STM32,具备先进的射频性能。   STM32电机控制SDK5.0 基于ST上一代永磁同步电机(PMSM)矢量控制(FOC)SDK,5.0 新版固件库结合STM32Cube硬件抽象层和底层架构,简化电机驱动电路的开发、定制和调试过程。此外,免费使用源代码让开发人员能灵活设计应用方案,加强电机的控制和定制功能。   STM32生态助推中国物联网发展 STM32 AliOS认证 STM32CubeMX AliOS插件 STM32云接入方案(百度云/阿里云/机智云/AWS/AZURE) STM32无线接入方案 (NB-IoT/LoRa/WiFi)   STM32中文官网 STM32本地活动、产品选型、设计及培训资料下载

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STM32 Cell2Cloud Discovery packs, tiny NFC tags, LV motor driver, and more – 25 July 2018


Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: Aerospace Industrial Wireless Automotive Motor control   FEATURED PRODUCT STM32 Cell2Cloud Discovery packs Start prototyping IoT devices based on cellular connectivity. Based on ultra-low-power STM32L4 MCUs. 2G/3G and LTE versions available.   NEW PRODUCT STSPIN233 Low-voltage brushless DC monolithic motor driver From 1.8 to 10 V…

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Aerospace news from STMicroelectronics – 20 July 2018


Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: IoT Industrial Wireless Automotive Motor control   FEATURED PRODUCT New generation of power diodes for Space ST is expecting the ESCC qualification of the first 3 members of its new generation of Space Diodes series with the July release of the European Qualified Part List and…

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Cellular STM32 packs, Bluetooth 5 SoC, smallest ESD protection and more – 07 July 2018


Welcome Stay up to date with other industry sector newsletters: Motor Control IoT Wireless Connectivity Industrial Aerospace Automotive   FEATURED SERIES FERD technology outperforms Schottky diodes The Field Effect Rectifiers Diodes (FERD) offer an improved VF/IR trade-off and higher current ratings in smaller packages. They feature a better controlled leakage current than the most recent…

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Security Alert on New Fraud / Scam in Circulation – 24 April 2018


Please be careful about “business mail fraud” urging remittance to a fake account Attention, Please be careful about “business mail fraud” urging remittance to a fake account. It is checked that “business mail fraud” is sent by someone improperly. The mail is pretending to be outgoing from us, but we inform you that we do…

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FireflySci / Spectrophotometer Cuvettes, Fluorometer Cuvettes, Disposable/Plastic Cuvettes, Accessories & UV/VIS/NIR Calibration Standards for Spectrophotometers


The FireflySci factory, has since become well known for its high quality silica glass products, ranging from raw materials to high precision final products. Each cuvette is thoroughly inspected through meticulous quality control system, against the industry’s highest standards. FireflySci been supplying reputable researchers and laboratories with standard and specialized cuvettes for many decades. FireflySci…

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OTO Photonics / Spectrometer


OTO Photonics focuses on the development of microspectrometers and the applications of spectral technologies.  With strong expertise in optical design, MEMS technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software development, OTO Photonics offers complete solutions to customers by integrating spectral technologies with expertise in different areas.

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Shanghai Metash Instruments Co., Ltd. / UV/VIS Spectrophotometers, Biophotometer, TOC Analyzer & Microwave Digestion


Shanghai Metash Instruments Co., Ltd has been dedicated to excellence in manufacturing laboratory and scientific instruments. With high quality and good service, products goes into Environmental, Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, life science and chemical fields. Product line-up includes UV/VIS Spectrophotometers, Biophotometer, TOC Analyzer and Microwave digestion.

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3nh / Colorimeter & Spectrophotometer


Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that researches, develop, produce and market color spectrum measurement and color control management instruments. Product line-up includes Colorimeter, Gloss meter, Light Box and Spectrophotometer.

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